Pam Anderson: 'I Don't Consider Myself An Actress'

Pam Anderson sat down with Access Hollywood to dish on her new movie, "Blonde and Blonder," co-starring Denise Richards, and opened up about her career as a "performer" and why she's shocked anyone is even going to see her new film.

Pam is shocked anyone is even going to see her new film, she first thought of the movie, "It'll go direct to video. It'll be fun. No one will ever see it and now it's like hitting theaters so I'm really surprised. I didn't know you could make a movie in nine days but you can."

Pam says she did the film as a favor for her brother, Jerry Anderson, the director of "Blonde and Blonder." "It was nice to go home to Vancouver and work with my brother but I don't consider myself an actress. But I'll run around in funny outfits anytime-- and we did!"

Pam enjoyed running around in funny outfits alongside her co-star Denise Richards, saying, "Denise is awesome." We got along great. We talked nonstop. We had a blast together."

Though Pam doesn't consider herself an actress, she does know where her talents lie.

"I'm a performer!" she says laughing. "A good performer-- if you only knew. Hey, I've gotten this far not because of my acting ability."

As for Pam's future, she says, "I just want to have more fun than last year. And spend a lot of time with my kids, lot of time at school."

Pam is also looking to lend her celebrity to a few products.

"I am going to sit back and create a line of lingerie and body products. Products that are really sexy and things that I love to wear and my friends love to wear. And I want to do a show about creating those things, kind of an anti-celebrity thing, Pam said.

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