Parenting Tips: How To Make Young Girls Feel ‘Unstoppable’ (Access Hollywood Live)

As parents, the universal hope is to raise healthy and confident kids. However, raising young girls comes with a unique set of challenges in today’s society and many girls have a hard time building positive self-esteem.

According to Dove, six out of 10 girls stop doing the things they love because of anxiety about their looks. This year, the beauty brand launches their Let’s Make Girls Unstoppable campaign, which offers great advice to parents and their daughters.

Dove’s global self-esteem ambassador and paid spokesperson Jess Weiner stopped by Access Hollywood Live on Monday to offer tips for parents to help make their daughters unstoppable.

Listen: Often times our kids need to be heard not “fixed”. Listen to their language, make sure you are hearing their concerns clearly and not stepping in to fix their problem right away. Many kids report just wanting to have a safe space to share what’s going on without the fear of punishment, judgment or criticism.

Talk: Tell them what it feels for you to see them struggle. Tell them of your concern. But also tell them of the confidence you have that you can work through this with them. Remind them of the things they love to do and how important it is to be unstoppable in this world.

Share: Let them know what it was like at your age - did you share similar fears or worries? Offer some ideas on how you help yourself out of a space when you feel down and insecure.

Act: Brainstorm ways to shake up their beauty anxiety. Learn more about re touching to teach your tween daughter about the dangers of letting the media dictate her ideal body image. Move with her - take more walks, kick the soccer ball, exercise can often help alleviate these feelings. Continue to come up with creative ways to stay involved. Don’t back off because it may be scary or intense at times. This is the time to get more involved than ever before.

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