Patrick J. Adams On Michael Phelps’ ‘Suits’ Cameo

Olympic legend Michael Phelps dives into primetime drama when “Suits” returns to USA on Thursday night.

“He is playing himself: Michael Phelps,” series star Patrick J. Adams told Access Hollywood, of how the swimmer figures into the series. “The only man who can play Michael Phelps is playing Michael Phelps. And, I think it’s sort of, kind of an ‘Entourage-y’ type cameo, which the show has sort of wanted to avoid. We’ve never wanted to be the show that has a bunch of celebrities that come play themselves. But in this case, he was such a fan of the show and such a big supporter of the show that we were excited to have him on and there’s a lot of heart there.”

Patrick’s character, fake lawyer (with heart) Mike Ross, however, did not get to interact with fictional Michael Phelps, as a representative of Pearson Specter.

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“Sadly, my scene wasn’t with him. I didn’t actually get to do anything, but I think I got to spend more time with him after than anybody else and it’s amazing. [He is] the most decorated man in Olympics history and couldn’t be more down to earth and relaxed,” Patrick said.

Not relaxed — on the show, anyway — is Louis Litt, the character played by Rick Hoffman. When the show had its mid-eason finale in 2013, Louis made a huge discovery in Sheila’s Harvard file closet – there was no file for Mike Ross!

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“He’s gonna come after Mike,” Patrick previewed. “He is coming after Mike hard and obviously we’re going to have to move quickly and do everything in our power to keep him from figuring it out. It involves a great guest star too… which is Gabriel’s dad [actor Stephen Macht] is in that episode. It was just great to have him on set and yeah, it’s a tense few episodes. This whole back six episodes is going to be very tense. There’s a lot of stuff going on and I think it’s really gonna pay off at the end.”

“Suits” returns Thursday at 9/8c on USA.

-- Jolie Lash

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