Pete Wentz: ‘90 Percent’ Sure It’s A Boy!

If any of Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s friends are still shopping for baby gifts for the happy couple, it appears blue is the way to go – although keeping the receipt might not be a bad idea, just in case.

In a new interview with Playboy, Pete revealed they are almost certain the baby will be a boy.

“We know with 90 percent accuracy that it’s a boy,” Pete said. “And our due date is around Thanksgiving.”

The news also helps to reaffirm the couple is not expecting twins, as was erroneously reported by various media outlets.

As previously reported on, a rep for Ashlee told Access the rumors the couple was expecting twins were “not true.”

And now that the sex of the child seems certain, do the parents-to-be have a name picked out?

“We don’t have any names yet,” Pete told Playboy. “My friend Andrew said, ‘Your kid has to have a name that would fit either a rock star or a senator.”

But while the Fall Out Boy rocker beams when he talks about becoming a dad, during his interview with Playboy, he also addressed some very serious issues from his past, including an admission he once played the deadly game of Russian Roulette.

“I pulled a trigger on a gun aimed at myself, yes. My friend and I did one pull each,” Pete revealed. “We’d been drinking and had taken Ambien. I feel stupid even talking about it. It’s one of the reasons I’ve never owned a gun — I’m too impulsive. I’d probably get mad and shoot someone over a part in a song or something.”

Pete also opened up on his battles with depression when he was younger.

“As a kid I always went to therapists; the first time was when my parent were separated on my sixth birthday, then on and off since then. I was diagnosed with ADD — see also: raised on sugary cereals and cartoons — and manic depression,” Pete continued. “I was prescribed Ritalin for the ADD, and for the manic imbalances I was prescribed mostly benzodiazepines, which I loved, and antidepressants. The list of drugs I’ve been prescribed would read like a grocery list, everything from Klonopin to Prozac.”

Before the giant wave of success swept over Pete and his numerous endeavors, Pete also talked about an incident on a flight where he turned to fate.

“Fall Out Boy was on the precipice of this thing that could be giant or could be a flop. I couldn’t micromanage everything in my life anymore. Also, I just thought I wasn’t a good person, so it wouldn’t matter if the plane crashed, because God wouldn’t care,” Pete told Playboy. “I would think, if the plane lands, I’ll become a good person and I’ll never be in a plane crash. And trust me, my belief in God was strictly airline-related [laughs]. It’s a wonder to me that I came out the other side of those years.”

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