Peter Facinelli Tweets ‘Oops’ Over MTV Awards Show Incident, Talks ‘Nurse Jackie’ Season 2 Finale

Peter Facinelli took to Twitter on Sunday night, to address his enthusiastic-but-curse-word-laden acceptance speech after the gang from “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” accepted their Best Movie award at the MTV Movie Awards.

“Want 2 thank all the fans who voted for us at the MTV Awards. What a night. Someone needs to be quicker with that bleep button,” the star, who plays Cullen family patriarch Carlisle, Tweeted, referencing his thank you speech which included the F-bomb.

“Oops,” he added.

Peter’s curse word slip wasn’t the only one during the night. Box office star Will Ferrell, big screen hunk Mark Wahlberg and even show host, Aziz Ansari all mixed up their language on stage. Peter just happened to be the one who wasn’t bleeped.

None of those stars, however, get to share their feelings with fans as directly as Peter does. He has more than 1.6 million followers on his Twitter account and so too does his “Nurse Jackie” character — hospital heartthrob Dr. Coop.

The Twitter references in the Edie Falco-fronted Showtime show, which wraps up its Season 2 tonight on the cable network, were a writer’s room creation that got funnier after the “Nurse Jackie” staff learned more about Peter’s own life.

“I talked to [the writers] about that and I said, ‘Do you know I [have] a Twitter account?’ because I was actually excited they put that in, and they said, ‘No, we just thought it would be funny to hear Edie Falco say the word Tweet!’” he laughed.

Dr. Coop – who over the course of the season has gone from the handsome face of the fictional hospital, to heartbreak, more troubling incidents of “sexual tourettes” and girlfriend stealing – even Tweets now. And Peter admitted to Access he engages with his character’s account.

“They turned it into this whole thing now, Dr. Coop has his own Twitter account,” Peter said. “I actually find myself having a conversations with him, which I think is hysterical.”

Although hysterical for viewers, Dr. Coop’s troubles with “sexual tourettes” – he reaches out and tends to grab women’s breasts when he gets in an anxiety laced situation – is something Peter has been playing straight.

“It’s like touching somebody’s arm, it’s just that he has his hand on people’s breasts, which is funny on the outside, but to Coop, it’s mortifying and it’s embarrassing and humiliating an, it’s gotta be the worst thing in the world to have something that embarrassing and not be able to control it,” Peter said. “You find your hand on someone’s you know, breast and try to spin that?”

His role on the show has delighted Mrs. Facinelli – AKA Jennie Garth, who he admits has laughed at Coop’s compromising situations.

“I actually like watching it with her, because I like making my wife laugh in real life, so it makes me happy when she laughs,” he said. “When she laughs at Coop, that makes me happy.”

Peter, who commuted from Vancouver and “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” set to film “Nurse Jackie’s” Season 2 in New York City late last year, admitted some moments of filming have been funny – like the memory from last week’s episode, which saw his face meet a feline’s bottom end.

“The image of having that cat’s rear end in my face made me laugh every time I delivered [a certain] line, for like 20 minutes,” he recalled. “I wanted to stab a fork in my thigh because I wanted to be able to say it seriously. Finally, I pulled it together because it was supposed to be delivered, like, you know, straight, and I broke up every single time.”

“Nurse Jackie’s” Season 2 finale airs Monday night at 10 PM on Showtime.

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