Pink Ladies (Glam Slam)

What do you think of this hot pink Moto jacket? I have been eyeing it at the Gap, but wasn’t sure if the color was a little too much for me.

My daughter saw me trying it on and wanted to try one on too, “so we could be sisters.” She’s 4 and has never met a shade of pink she didn’t like!

As for me, I asked my husband if I was too old to wear such a bold color and he said no, I’m the girl who will be wearing color until I’m 89.

I did end up buying the jacket and I like it a lot. If you are thinking of incorporating pink into your winter wardrobe, here are a few ways to do it…

There are many pinks to choose from this season. Brights are very on trend right now. There are varying degrees of pink though, so you can always choose a more muted shade to suit your taste. Winter pastels are also a popular option, but I personally prefer a more intense pop of color to cheer up any grey fall or winter day.

Use your pink to show off the part of your body you are most comfortable with. If you like your upper body, go with a pink jacket or blouse. If you’re lower body is what you love, highlight it with a pencil skirt or bright jeans. Make sure you single out one area though- this is not a head-to-toe look.

Add a dark color to give super bright pink a more grown up look. Navy works as does the always classic black. I plan to wear my pink jacket with black skinnies and black vintage Chanel motorcycle boots.

Pink also plays well with neutral colors like grey, tan, cream and white…all of which will help downplay the pink and keep it from overpowering you.

If a jacket or pants is too much pink for your taste, choose to get in on the trend with an accessory. Pink scarves bring a nice color pop to the face and a pink necklace will do the same. Pink shoes or a clutch are also nice options, but don’t spend as much money on these items as they are more trendy.

-- Ryan Patterson

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