Pink On Her Grammys Performance: ‘I Have Never Lip Synched In My Entire Life’

Pink gave a show-stealing performance at the Grammys last Sunday with her ballad “Glitter in the Air.” The performance, which featured the singer dangling upside down, hoisted high in the air, and at one point — dripping wet — had some fans doubting whether or not she was singing live. But on Tuesday night, the singer hit Twitter to defend herself against the doubters.

“I hear there’s a debate over whether or not I sang live on grammies,” Pink Tweeted on Tuesday night. “I have never lip synched in my entire life. I’m 100% against it.”

Pink has performed the act 160 times during her recent tour.

But some of her fellow stars, including Keith Urban, didn’t doubt Pink’s performance for even a second.

“You [came on] right after Pink’s performance and I think you were blown away. You went, ‘Oh my,’” Billy told Keith backstage at Sunday’s show.

“Well, how could you not? I mean, you know, with so many girls claiming that you can’t dance and sing at the same time and so you’ve gotta lip sync and all the rest of it? Sorry, but Pink just knocked it out of the park,” Keith said.

“You know what it looks like, without a question, that was a full vocal right there,” Billy agreed.

“Oh yeah, I mean the control — the control while spinning around,” Keith said. “I’ve never seen or heard anything like that.”

Later that night, Billy shared Keith’s praise with Pink.

“Keith Urban said that [your performance] is the greatest statement for singing live for anyone that is performing [who] doesn’t sing live… [Your Grammy performance is] proof right there, horizontal, nude, whatever it is, you can do it,” Billy recounted.

“I’m actually better at singing upside down than I am right side up. I’m not even kidding,” Pink said. “I’m like nervous when I have to look at people, and then I’m upside down and I’m doing my thing and I’m like, ‘This is nothing!’”

But not only did Pink’s performance impress her fellow superstars, it also impressed the record buying public, who are snapping up her Grammys song on iTunes.

“Glitter is #5 on I tunes. that’s a pretty cool thing to see first thing in the morning!!!” Pink wrote on Wednesday.

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