Producers Talk Sarah Michelle Gellar’s ‘Ringer’ – Which Character Does She Want To Kiss?

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s “Ringer” has its most explosive episode to date on Tuesday, and while we’re forbidden from revealing tomorrow’s exciting plot twists (and they’re huge!), the people behind The CW series spent Monday morning offering hints on what’s to come – like romance from an unexpected source.

According to Creator and Co-Executive Producer Eric Charmelo, SMG wants a little love action with Agent Machado, played by “Lost’s” Nester Carbonell.

“We’re still trying to hammer out the details. Sarah wants to kiss him,” Charmelo laughed.

While that plot twist is in the works, coming up much sooner for SMG’s character Bridget is figuring out what to do with the pregnancy issue. Siobhan, her twin sister, who she presumed died after a boating incident (she, of course, didn’t), was pregnant.

“It’s a quandary she finds herself in,” Charmelo said. “At this point she would probably be close to two months. She doesn’t have that much time left before she has to come up with a plan or explore the options or get pregnant, fake a miscarriage… if she’s not already pregnant… She was a stripper.”

It likely won’t be a miscarriage. Earlier in the Q&A session, Charmelo revealed the length of the season would “span the life of the pregnancy,” a hint that Bridget will be figuring something out in that department – and quick.

The storyline with Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) and his daughter Juliet (Zoey Martin) is heating up, leading “Moonlight’s” Jason Dohring to the drama as her teacher.

“He’s going to play Juliet’s public school teacher who she sees as an ally,” Charmelo said.

But there could be a twist, where Juliet finds herself hot for teacher. This is, after all, The CW.

“Juliet likes her teacher,” Executive Producer Pam Veasey said. Emphasis on like, “Ringer” fans.

The EPs also revealed a few answers on their way to “Ringer” watchers. So yes, the guy who called Bridget on the hit man’s cell phone is coming back, and his story is related to the “overall mystery” of the show, Charmelo said. Meanwhile, what happened to Sean, the little boy in the photo who Bridget apologized for in the pilot, will be unraveled in the second half of the season.

As for the real Siobhan, who is pregnant and broke in Paris, she’s got a bigger storyline coming up next week. We’ll also learn – eventually – who the real Siobhan has been talking to on the phone.

“Bridget is sort of driving this season, but you will see more of Siobhan. She has always been the one driven by revenge, so keep that in mind — and Bridget by redemption. So revenge has to rear its beautiful head at some point,” Veasey said.

“Ringer” airs Tuesday nights at 9/8 C on The CW.

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