‘Psycho Mike’ Catherwood’s ‘Loveline’ Advice For His ‘Dancing’ Co-Stars: All Of The Female Castmembers ‘Should Have Sex With Me’

“Psycho Mike” Catherwood has yet to make his “Dancing with the Stars” debut, but the KROQ “Loveline” co-host is already making waves with his on-set sex advice.

“I give sex advice to pretty much all of the cast,” Mike told Access at his and pro-partner Lacey Schwimmer’s dance rehearsal in LA on Friday. “All of the female members of the cast should have sex with me. That’s my advice for them.

“It goes — Petra Nemcova should have sex with me, OK? Lacey Schwimmer should have sex with me, Cheryl Burke should have sex with me,” he laughed. “Kendra Wilkinson should have sex with me, but not if Hank Baskett’s around!”

“Right — he doesn’t want to get beaten up!” Lacey interjected, laughing.

“I hear that Petra has a man, but I’m pretty sure I’m OK with that – like, I’m not OK with Hank Baskett coming after me cause he’s big and mean,” Mike joked.

The hilarious rehearsal continued to go south – literally — when it came time to discuss possible costumes for the handsome radio personality, who he revealed he’d much rather dance sans pants than go shirtless.

“There’s a lot more chance [of] my pants coming off this season than my shirt coming off — that’s a guarantee,” Mike told Access. “I would tear up the contract — zero dollars — if they expect me to take my shirt off. But, if it’s time to expose the twig and berries, it’s on!”

Lacey revealed something “worse” than shirtlessness had already become commonplace in the pair’s extensive rehearsals.

“Hold on, something worse has already happened in our rehearsals,” she told Access. “I’ve seen [him] from the waist down completely nude now.”

“I’ve noticed that now that I have adopted dancing, there’s times when pants aren’t just cutting it,” Mike said. “Well, you know how when the Hulk — sometimes when you change into the Hulk from Bruce Banner he would just — his pants would explode off. That’s what happened to me, but it wasn’t from my sheer size, it was just the amount of passion that was emitting from my body just blasting my pants right off and next thing you know I can’t stop dancing now.”

“I think he just likes to show me and all the male producers his junk,” Lacey laughed.

Mike offered a final defense for his ballroom body-baring, saying, “Kim Kardashian wouldn’t roll around wearing long pants, you know? Rob Lowe doesn’t roll around wearing a mask, hiding what he’s got. Why should I keep my money maker hidden?”

Watch Mike and Lacey make their dance floor debut when Season 12 of “Dancing with the Stars” premieres on March 21 at 8 PM on ABC.

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