Q&A: Eve Myles Talks ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’s’ Upcoming Season Finale

When it comes to sci-fi heroines, “Torchwood: Miracle Day’s” Gwen Cooper is one of the most intriguing. Tough as nails, foul of mouth and loyal to her family – and her much-loved associate Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) — Gwen Cooper is more than just a tough broad with a soft side.

There are just two episodes left to catch the saucy Welshwoman, played by the captivating Eve Myles, all big eyes, freckles and pure sass, on Season 1 of the show. And while the only word regarding a Season 2 (Season 4, for the diehards who caught “Torchwood” on BBC America) pickup is silence, she too is hoping the series gets green lit for another go-around.

In the meantime, Eve gave AccessHollywood.com the scoop on what to expect in the final two episodes of the sci-fi thriller.

Access Hollywood: Gwen’s mouth has been getting her into a lot of trouble lately…
Eve Myles: I think what you’ve got with Gwen Cooper, is she’s very ornery, and when she sees something wrong, she’ll address it straight away. Sometimes she acts before she speaks and that’s just because she’s a very passionate, strong-willed kind of direct person… You’ll always get feisty comments and you always get the truth from Gwen Cooper. She won’t mix it up in shine. If it’s dirty, she’ll tell it like it is.

Access: Gwen’s father is dying, how will that affect the rest of her storyline?
Eve: I think there’s a wonderful thing this year — Gwen is a mum. Then again, she resorts back to being a helpless child, a child of somebody who is desperately ill… She will do anything to protect both. You’ll see from the next episode on, she has to make horrific decisions.

Access: Gwen’s fought against the camps, but with her father’s condition, will that change her position?
Eve: We said from the beginning that you’ve got a problem in Episode 1 and by Episode 10, it gets resolved… The camps are frozen at the moment so [Rex’s video has] done some good, and Gwen’s blown up most of the camps in Wales (laughs), single handedly… But we can see what the inevitable is and it’s how she deals with that — that’s what shows this woman’s character.

Access: What’s been the most fun scene to film with the bigger budget this season?
My most favorite scenes were the ones in Episode 7, in the car, where Jack and Gwen have that road trip together, because it was so heavily dialogued… You can’t drop that ball… But [for] kind of the razzle-dazzle — you haven’t seen it yet. Wait for Episode 10. Episode 10, from start to finish, is crazy. I felt like I was in a blockbuster movie every day going on set.

Access: John Barrowman got in even better shape for his scantily clad love scenes this season. Will Gwen follow suit, or rather, un-suit?
Eve: I can put everybody’s mind at rest. Not to worry, but I won’t be getting my little Welsh arse out in this series. I don’t want to scare people. She’s heavily clothed, our Gwen, she’s a little trooper. She’s a little old fashioned, our Gwen, and she’s traditional, she’s playful and she’s sexy, but she’s a very private lady. A lot of people would look forward to that — I certainly wouldn’t — but if it ever came along, I apologize for it now.

Access: You could always ask your new pals from Comic-Con, the ‘Spartacus’ cast, for workout tips if it happened.
Eve: These people are not from this planet. As a human being, you’re not meant to look that good. They are sensationally beautiful in every sense of the word. It is ridiculous and to top it off, they are the nicest people you could possibly meet.

Access: Did you keep in touch?
Eve: No, it was a very quick visit, actually. It was the first time I actually got to meet them… With these guys, they were absolutely charming, and the girls were beautiful and such fun. If we’d had another day there, I think we would’ve been swapping numbers. I hope we all get to meet again, because they were a smashing bunch of people and I wish them all the luck for their new season.

Access: There is always Twitter – a few of them Tweet.
Eve: I have such phobia of things like Twitter and Facebook, I am stuck in the 1920s. John Barrowman thinks I’m a bit ridiculous. If my cell phone goes [off] and I go to answer it, he’s like, ‘You put that away! You don’t bring that out in public! It’s ridiculous, it’s not the ‘80s.’ I don’t even have an iPhone. I’m a firm believer that pigeons will come back and everyone will go back to writing letters.

Access: Now that you know some of the ‘Spartacus’ cast is on Twitter, maybe it’s an incentive to join?
Eve: Maybe now I’m going to go get an iPhone 5, and maybe I will Tweet to you as my first Tweet

Access: You should Tweet John first, it’s only right.
Eve: Yeah, but it’ll be filthy from him, so I can’t get involved in it.

“Torchwood: Miracle Day” airs Friday nights at 10 PM on Starz.

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