Q&A: Thomas Jane Bringing The Fun For Season 3 Of ‘Hung’

Thomas Jane returns as Detroit’s most unlikely male prostitute, Ray Drecker, in HBO’s dark comedy “Hung” on Sunday, and it’s a different beast for Season 3.

Gone is Coach Drecker, and in is full-time sex trade worker Ray. But more money certainly creates more problems, especially in the form of competition.

As Ray’s pimp, Tanya (Jane Adams), tries to manage his career through an inspired new business model, she runs into some major competition from fiery Lenore (Rebecca Creskoff), who is back and running her own trade with a younger man – Jason (Stephen Amell).

Thomas told Access what to expect as the show returns at 10 PM ET/PT on Sunday on HBO.

Access Hollywood: Tell us about this sex instruction clinic Tanya and Ray open this season?
Thomas Jane: [Tanya’s business name] Happiness Consultants has kind of taken off in Season 3. We’ve got Tanya teaching orgasmic living classes over a muffin shop. She’s got her own little space there. [Ray] thinks it’s a ridiculous idea, but it seems to be working.

Ray’s quit his job and he’s ho-ing full time now. He’s watching what he eats, he’s going to the gym, he’s shaving, he’s trying to get a couple of nice suits in his repertoire. He’s taking the job seriously, which I think is cool. In the first couple of seasons, he’s been ambivalent about it and this season he’s said, ‘What the hell? This will pay the bills.’ So I’ve fixed up my house, I’m not living in the tent. Personally, I love the tent.

AH: Ray’s got more money and more confidence, but along comes some prostitute competition in the form of Jason..
TJ: Things are going well and [I] fix up the house and [am] driving a little sports car and of course, Lenore comes along to screw things up and she recruits this young waiter to be a gigolo.

AH: It looks like Ray might be getting a love interest in the form of Logan — Kaitlin Doubleday?
TJ: This girl — Kaitlin Doubleday – [a] young actress, plays a former student of mine that’s hot for teacher and she gets to exercise a fantasy of hers with Ray and I think that Ray… the line between business and pleasure is very blurred with Ray’s profession, so, yeah, I think he falls for Logan.

AH: Will that still allow time for more Jessica (Anne Heche) and Ray stuff?
TJ: Oh, definitely. Jessica’s divorced her husband, so yeah, there’s a lot of room for Jessica and Ray to play around in, and their relationship gets better defined this season. A lot of really cool s*** goes down for Ray, but I think the bottom line is we wanted to have fun with the characters this year and we wanted to put Ray in some positions that were, I guess, maybe larger than life. We just wanted to have some fun. We’ve got this one client who likes to dress up like a police officer and chase him through a park… Ray gets like, a three-way going on with a couple of girls at one point. There’s a lot of cool s***, man.

AH: When you first signed on to this, did you ever think it would get to a third season? The pitch on paper sounds so ridiculous.
TJ: The show about a guy with a big d**k is the Trojan horse that gets us into your living room, and then, once we’re in, this is about men and women and the tension between them and what women want and what men want, and all that sticky, messy relationship stuff that goes into fuddling your way through taking somebody’s clothes off in the dark. There’s always so much more mixed in with that. And it’s also about a guys’ journey through the female psyche. Ray’s traveling through this female world — he’s a fish out of water. He’s dealing with women on all sides.

AH: And there’s the economy…
TJ: We got a lot of mileage out of the economy falling apart in Season 1. Season 2, I think it became a bit depressing, to tell you the truth. So Season 3, it’s like f*** all that, let’s have some fun.

Season 2 of “Hung” is out on DVD now.

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