Rachelle Lefevre On Under The Dome’s Big Mystery & Stephen King’s Season 2 Involvement

Rachelle Lefevre confirmed that the mystery of the dome in CBS’ “Under the Dome” is going to be explained.

“That mystery will get revealed as time goes on, but basically… it’s not just the dome, but it’s what it represents and what its purpose is, which is sort of the larger mystery,” Rachelle explained to Access Hollywood Live’s Kit Hoover and guest co-host Alfonso Ribeiro on Tuesday. “So first, you’ll find out what it is and then why it’s there and what its purpose is.”

Fans who read Stephen King’s book should already know the answer, but Rachelle said the show continues on with things that didn’t make it in his novel.

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“Obviously there’s a book. You know what it is if you’ve read the book, but we are making some changes with Stephen King’s blessing,” she said.

There are just five episodes left of summer’s biggest drama, but it will return next year.

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The cast have an idea of what’s to come, but now that Stephen is on board to write the premiere episode, they are looking forward to the twists he could bring.

“We were given an outline [of Season 2] and so we have some idea of where it’s going, but I think there was probably a shift when Stephen King agreed to write the first episode of the next season. So he’s writing the episode right now, so he gets to set the tone for the storyline,” she said.

Rachelle said Stephen, who has been to the set, the show’s premiere and the cast’s first table read, is excited about the prospects when it comes to writing what will happen to the residents of Chester’s Mill.

“He said himself, ‘Look , if you do a series, you can make changes and it can continue on,’ and he said, for him, it was a chance to explore what would’ve happened to these characters that he created should they have been in this situation for a lot longer and things got even worse,” Rachelle said.

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“Under the Dome” airs Mondays at 10/9c on CBS.

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