Rachelle Spector: Al Pacino’s Characterization Of My Husband Phil Is ‘Over The Top,’ ‘Cheesy’

Rachelle Spector, wife of imprisoned music producer Phil Spector, has seen Al Pacino’s portrayal of her husband in HBO’s “Phil Spector,” and she was less than impressed.

“It’s really over the top and cheesy,” Rachelle told Access Hollywood’s Kit Hoover, of the Oscar winner’s characterization of her husband. “Some of the stuff that they have him doing and that they came up with is just so far-fetched!”

Rachelle (who met Phil at a restaurant in 2003) said that while she wasn’t impressed by Al’s performance, nor the screenplay penned by David Mamet, she was happy with the way the TV movie focused on what she claims is evidence in her husband’s favor.

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(Phil is serving a prison sentence after being convicted of second-degree murder in the shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson.)

“Once you get past all the cheesy yelling and screaming and gun waving that they really fictionalized in the movie — I think Al Pacino and David Mamet came up with another version of Phil Spector — but once you get past that, what they did get right and what is true that they focused on throughout the film, is the forensic evidence that supports the fact that Lana Clarkson was loaded on vicodin and tequila, was in a very depressed mental state and ultimately died by her own hand,” Rachelle told Kit. “They also back that up with scientific demonstrations where they show you what an individual wearing white – or any colors—would look like at arms-length at the discharge of an intraoral gunshot wound.”

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Adding, “They really portrayed that accurately in the film… you would have blood and spatter and tissue all over you.”

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