Ray J’s I Hit It First: Is It About Kim Kardashian?

Ray J’s latest song, “I Hit It First,” is making people take notice – but will the singer admit that it’s about Kim Kardashian?

Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson chatted with Ray J, who previously dated the reality star/mom-to-be in 2006.

“It’s a fun song. It’s so light. It wasn’t made to create a negative controversy,” he told Shaun, but then admitted, “I knew it would create controversy, but my intentions aren’t to be a bully or to be anything but what the song is.”

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According to Ray J – who also filmed a now-infamous sex tape with Kim during their relationship — the song could apply to numerous people.

“The song is about my life. In the past, I’ve dealt with a few women that kind of fit the same description in the song… some are just more popular than others. But for me, in promoting the song, I told myself, I said, ‘I’m not gonna say any names.’ I’m not gonna go any deeper than what the song is already representing because I feel like I would just be throwing fuel on the fire,” he explained. “So the song speaks for itself… ‘I Hit It First’… everybody knows what it is.”

WATCH: Ray J Talks Song I Hit It First: Who’s It Really About?

“Everybody thinks it’s about Kim Kardashian. So are they right?” Shaun asked.

“You know what’s good about music? What’s good about music is that you make you’re on interpretation,” Ray J said.

Some of the lyrics of the song in question include, “She might move on to rappers and ballplayers… But we all know I hit it first… I had her head going north… But now baby chose to go West.”

“Ray J, look into the camera and say the song doesn’t have anything to do with Kim Kardashian,” Shaun pressed.

WATCH: Ray J Talks Song I Hit It First: Who’s It Really About?

“I can’t say that,” he told Shaun.

Adding, “But I can say though is the song about me. And that’s fair. You know, again… I’m a good dude. So I make records and that’s what I do. I make songs.”

The single’s cover art (a pixelated woman at the beach reminiscent of a photo of Kim) has also caused many to assume it’s about his famous ex.

“Do you wish Kim and Kanye well?” Shaun asked.

“Absolutely. I wish everybody the best out of life, everybody and anybody,” he explained. “And that’s one of the reasons why I don’t go in-depth with the record like that. Because I do have respect and I do have love for everybody in this world.”

Also catch Ray J on “Bad Girls All-Star Battle,” which premieres on Oxygen on May 21 at 9 PM.

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