Red Widow: Goran Visnjic — We’re Going To ‘See The Complexity’ Of Schiller

“Red Widow” continues its first season run tonight at 10/9c on ABC and fans will finally start to see the layers peeled back on Goran Visnjic’s Nicholae Schiller.

“We gonna find out much more about him through the mid-season,” Goran told after ABC flew us up to the “Red Widow” set during production on Season 1 at the end of last year.

“First, he’s a kind of a mysterious crime lord we know nothing about. We kind of expect something and then we kind of see a different picture. Then, we’re going to be introduced [to] his private life with his father, with his family… But also, we see the complexity of the character that he is,” Goran continued (fans will meet Schiller’s father in this Sunday’s episode).

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And that complexity will include painting Schiller in ways Radha Mitchell’s Marta Walraven might not have expected.

“He is a criminal kind of mastermind in San Francisco, but he also does a lot of legal business that is kind of semi legal, legal. He has his fingers in many different things,” Goran said. “At the beginning, it’s almost like a little project for him to work with this person, this housewife, what Radha’s character is at the beginning and through the first season, he kind of discovers that this woman can actually bring much more to his business and that’s how they start kind of cooperating — an uneasy cooperation.”

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But could their “cooperation” lead to any romance?

“Well, she kind of gets involved in his private personal life unwillingly,” Goran said. “Something just happens that she kind of like ends up in a situation that she is in connection with his family in a weird way and that was the first time that some kind of like emotional intimacy happens between the two of them, but it’s immediately cut off because my character definitely doesn’t want to be involved with anybody because he thinks that’s a weakness.”

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“Red Widow” airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on ABC.

-- Jolie Lash

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