Regis Gives Access A ‘Talent’ Tour

Regis Philbin is set to make his primetime return on June 21. But after the phenomenon of ?Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,? will lightning strike twice?

?Here we go!? laughed Regis, as he and Access? Billy Bush tooled around in a golf cart. ?People will not leave me alone!?

?Let me tell you who’s the big cheese on this lot right now,? Billy teased.

?I am!? Regis cheered.

?Cheddar,? Billy affirmed.

?I’m the biggest thing on Paramount! I can’t believe it,? Regis said.

?You’re like J.Lo rolling through here,? said Billy, to his good friend.

Regis took Billy around the lot where he?s hosting the new variety competition show, ?America?s Got Talent.?

The hopefuls get to strut their stuff for the first time at 8 p.m. June 21 on NBC.

?Regis is here. Relax. Thank you,? Regis teased the crew, as he and Billy hit the ?Talent? stage.

?I’m Regis’ understudy if anything happens,? Billy said. ?In 50 years when you die, can I have all your jobs??

?Absolutely,? Regis said. ?This is yours Billy when I’m done with it.?

The “Talent” stage is where hopefuls, like ?Flippy? ? who wears a cape ? will display talents such as dancing, singing — you name it ? for three judges: David Hasselhoff, Brandy and British television personality Piers Morgan.

??Flippy, the Magnificent,?? Regis announced. ?Billy, look how beautiful he is!?

Regis showed Billy how contestants will know when they gotta go.

?Our ?X’s? are right up here. They will light up and when you get 3 ?X’s,? your act is done,? Regis explained. ?That means you?re finished.?

?What is the wildest thing you?ve seen out here?? Billy asked.

?There’s guy who balances an iron stove on his nose and cooks three eggs,? Regis laughed.

And speaking of talents?

Billy shows off his special impersonation?of Regis.

?Not bad! No ?X’s? which mean they like it! Regis is a hit,? Regis laughed.

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