Reign: Bash’s Troubles With The Pagans Leads To Terror For Mary (Exclusive Photo)

“Reign” fans have fallen for Torrance Coombs’ chivalrous, brave and dishy Bash, and in last week’s episode, so did Adelaide Kane’s Mary, Queen of Scots — and it’s going to cost her!

His fondness for the teen queen will be his weakness this Thursday night at 9/8c on The Cw. And, as this exclusive photo from the episode shows, Mary will be terrorized for Bash’s actions. Waking in her chambers, Mary finds a severed animal head in her bed!

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“The pagans start coming after Bash for return on the body he stole from the woods,” Torrance told about Thursday’s new episode. “Bash has to make some very difficult decisions and he’s trapped between a rock and a hard place because they know about his feelings for Mary and they come after her.”

Beyond Mary’s spooky bedchamber awakening, here are 3 more things to expect on “Reign” (courtesy of Access’ recent chat with Torrance):

Conflicted Feelings Follow Last Week’s Mary/Bash Kiss: “It’s one of those thing that’s happened after they had a couple of drinks and then after the dust settles a bit, there’s an awkwardness because really, nothing has changed about their situation,” Torrance said. “Mary’s still beholden to Francis and the alliance and she still has feelings for him and for Bash. He’s had that taste of something, but he’s still gotta try and suppress it. And also, they don’t know that Francis knows, so there’s a little bit of tip-toeing around trying to hide it form him and Francis just seems to enjoy watching us squirm a little bit.”

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The Trouble With The Pagans Leads Francis To Send Bash Into The Line Of Fire: “Francis sends Bash off on a really impossible mission and the dynamic between them is never the same,” Torrance said. “[It’s] that sort of, ‘No, this is your job; you take care of it; you started this mess.’ But the situation is really quite dire and it’s very perilous. So the fact that Francis is now being very callous with the lives of the people he loves because his feelings are hurt… you realize at that point that the situation is no longer tenable because our feelings are getting in the way, like they could cost people their lives.”

Mama Drama Occurs When Diane De Poitiers Returns: “She comes back with an agenda that Bash isn’t necessarily on board with, so there’s tension, there’s constant tension between Bash and his mother,” he said. “But, at the end of the day there’s a lot of love and they have each other’s interests in mind, but it’s funny. She comes back and she becomes an interesting kind of foil to Catherine [de’ Medici] because they’re both fiercely protective of their sons.

“Reign” continues Thursday night at 9/8c on The CW.

-- Jolie Lash

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