Reign Q&A: Torrance Coombs On The Trouble Ahead For Bash

“Reign” returns tonight on The CW with its first episode since news broke earlier this week that it had been picked up for the full season.

Torrance Coombs, who plays Bash on the series, said the announcement was welcome news to the cast, who were caught up in a busy day of filming when it came through.

“We all found when we were in the middle of a long work day, so there was an announcement, there was a brief celebration and we just had to get right back to it. There was no rest for the wicked,” Torrance told on Wednesday.

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But while there wasn’t much time to enjoy the moment, there were a few traditional gestures of celebration.

“I had at least two or three high-fives,” Torrance said. “We’re all incredibly excited because we have a family here and we just love making the show and we hope to be making it a long time and it was just a wonderful vote of confidence for us.”

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In this week’s episode of the series — “A Chill In The Air” — Torrance’s character, Bash, finds himself caught up even more in matters of the heart, and with the pagan events happening in the forest outside the castle, which the actor addressed when he spoke with Access. Last week, Bash had to step up for Mary and help her out of a difficult situation by taking care of the Portuguese prince. How does he feel about Mary at this point, going into the next episode?

Torrance Coombs: His feelings haven’t changed. He’s been able to put them on the back burner a little bit because he knows he shouldn’t go there, but Francis keeps dragging his heels, so somebody’s got to step up to the plate.

Access: Francis’ former girlfriend comes to town, and that seemingly provides kind of a nice opportunity for Bash. Is he manipulative enough to take advantage of that?

Torrance: You know what, he doesn’t think that far ahead. … He’s the kind of guy that goes with what he feels. He’s not quite as bound to politics or maybe what he should or shouldn’t do. So, when the opportunity presents itself, it’s that thing, he’s a shoulder to cry on, he sympathizes with her situation and one thing leads to another, especially after a couple drinks.

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Access: Kenna and Bash – people really liked the little chat the two of them recently had together.

Torrance: Yeah.

Access: Were you surprised some people were hoping those characters might have a romance?

Torrance: No, I wasn’t surprised. I actually think that those characters have some things in common. They may be the free spirits of the bunch, so it wouldn’t surprise me entirely if something were to happen with that down the road. But for the timing being, it’s a friendly chat. But, you know, we had a lot fun doing that scene too because I don’t get a lot of scenes with the ladies in waiting and particularly not one on one, so that was a treat.

Access: Ahead of this episode, what can you hint at about Bash’s relationship with the people in the forest — the pagans. They’re very mysterious to us at this point.

Torrance: They are. I tell you what, Bash has a stronger connection than he lets on to the people in the woods. … He’s not connected to the blood sacrifice that’s going on. That’s weird and that’s new and that is upsetting, but the rest of it he kind of gets and there’s a secret in his family that ties back to that.

Access: Does it have to do with his mother (Diane de Poitiers)?

Torrance: Yeah… She comes from a pagan family, we learn, but there’s some question as to whether or not she’s entirely left that behind her. So, for the time being we’re all good Catholics. We have to see where things go.

“Reign” airs tonight at 9/8c on The CW.

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