Reign’s Royals & Romance: 5 Things To Know About What’s Ahead On The CW Show

Adelaide Kane’s Mary, Queen of Scots, formed a new alliance with the son of Portugal’s King on “Reign,” but Prince Tomas (Manolo Cardona) isn’t the only new royal face fans will meet this season on the CW show.

During a recent chat with reporters about the Thursday night drama, executive producers Laurie McCarthy and Brad Silberling discussed some of the figures coming to court, as well as what’s on the horizon for some of our favorite characters.

We will meet Mary of Guise, Mary’s mother: “You’re gonna meet her mother — when we find just the right person to play her,” Laurie laughed.

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“That’s a fantastic character… when she does come to court, you can imagine that personality. You can imagine Catherine de’ Medici and those two together. Oh, it’s fantastic,” Brad added.

“Because what does it do to a person to give their daughter away at the age of 6, if you’re trading her for your nation’s safety,” Laurie chimed in. “What kind of person would do that, or if you’re not that kind of person, what would it do to you once you’ve done that? Catherine might start to look like a very warm mother soon.”

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We will meet Elizabeth (who will become Elizabeth I), but not right away: “Eventually,” Laurie explained. “The story moves at a pretty good clip, faster than you might imagine, so it depends on a number of things. But, I wouldn’t say way, way in the future, but probably not in this season.”

“She casts her shadow heavily over the next six episodes,” Brad added.

We will learn more about the mysterious girl/presence in the castle walls: “It’s a peeling back of that particular mythology of the castle,” Laurie said. “It’s a lore that the servants believe and there’s so many prisms to look at, through one is the encounters that she has with Mary — you learn some of the lore that the people in the castle believe about her and we’ll see her intermittently throughout the series and we’ll obviously get closer and closer to the truth of her existence.”

“She’s a fierce protector and maybe not the most grounded friend, so she’s got a very kind of rich backstory that’s tied to the castle, tied to Nostradamus and we’ll find it out over the course of the first 13 [episodes],” Laurie added. “So we’re not holding anything back.”

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The chemistry between Bash and Mary will pick up again: “Stand by,” Brad said, with a smile.

“It’s a slower burn, but it’s burning and it’s always there and Bash — he has a connection to some of the things that are going on in the woods, and that that will bring some danger into the castle and some conflict with Francis and it’s all centered on his affection for Mary, his desire for Mary,” Laurie added.

Nostradamus won’t stay monk-like: “I don’t plan to keep him monk-like,” Laurie said. “I think we’ll get to it when it’s right for the story.”

“Megan Follows [who plays Catherine] keeps saying, ‘When is my love scene?’” Brad laughed.

“Reign” continues Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.

-- Jolie Lash

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