Report: Woman Following Birkhead Detained By Security

A woman has allegedly been following Larry Birkhead, Access Hollywood has learned.

Birkhead claims the woman was detained Sunday night by security at the hotel where Birkhead was staying in the Bahamas. According to Birkhead, the woman was approaching people at the hotel and allegedly offering to pay to find out what room he was staying in.

The hotel would not comment on the situation.

However, this is not Birkhead’s first encounter with the blonde woman, who is believed to work for Broward County School District in Florida.

During an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts on Friday in the Bahamas, Birkhead talked about the woman who has allegedly been following him around since the trial began.

“I’ve noticed this blonde woman who has seemingly followed you from the United States, she was here today in the Bahamas and she tried to get into your car,” Tony said to Birkhead. “Tell me about this woman and what your experience has been watching her.”

“It was weird because in Florida, she showed up there and she was jumping in elevators [with me] and stuff. She really didn’t say much, but she was handing me these cards and she had this weird look on her,” Birkhead noted. “I’m not trying to draw conclusions, but when you don’t know someone and they’re trying to get that close, and then to see her show up today. I heard her tell police that I had requested her to come to the courthouse or something and she was trying to make her way inside the courtroom. I was just kind of taken aback by that.”

Video: Birkhead’s Follower In Action

“What were you thinking when you see this woman try to get into the courthouse?” Tony asked.

“It just kind of weirded me out. I don’t want to be mean to anybody, but at the same time, I have to protect myself and my safety,” Birkhead explained. “She was like ‘Do you remember me from Florida?’ and I’m like ‘Yes, how are you? Have a nice day.’ But then it was like ‘You can’t get in the car with me.’ So, you know. I’m not going to say she was anything but supportive, but it just crossed the line as far as invading my personal space.”

However, Birkhead said he is very appreciative of all the support he has received from people who approach him.

“For the most part, people come up to me all the time and they’re crying, or they’re saying they’re supportive and I’ve had people tell me their personal stories. Sometimes a lot of that helps and gives me strength,” Birkhead added. “And sometimes I’m able to offer them some words of advice that might help them, so it’s a give and take. You just have to figure out what everybody’s intentions are.”

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