Rhona Mitra On Rachel Dalton’s Dark Strike Back Season 3 Journey & Sailing On TNT’s The Last Ship

“Strike Back” has taken Rhona Mitra’s character, Major Rachel Dalton, into new depths on the Cinemax series’ third season.

“It was really lovely to actually be able to give Rachel Dalton, I think, the breadth and the space that she needed to be, who I’ve always believed her to be,” Rhona told AccessHollywood.com of her Season 3 “Strike Back” arc, which has so far, seen her go from confident commander to an impulsive and unhinged one.

A few weeks ago, in the show’s season opener, Rachel watched one of her men get murdered in front of her. As the subsequent episodes have rolled out, she’s been on a mission (alongside Michael Stonebridge and Damian Scott) to get the terrorist behind it all – al-Zuhari.

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“It’s one of her soldiers [who was killed], so the personal responsibility that she starts to feel for being accountable for men that are under her guidance… I think for any human being you start to see the chinks in the armor and I think her fragility as a woman and as a human, she starts questioning who she is,” Rhona explained. “I think that’s what happens to all men and women in the military is they get to the point where lives are being lost again and again. I suppose it’s that perspective, that point you reach your own personal cul-de-sac, where your life becomes so twisted that you start to become unraveled.”

The new season of “Strike Back” has put Rhona on the screen with a host of guest stars, including “Men Behaving Badly” and “Doc Martin” actor Martin Clunes, who played former agent Sebastian Grey.

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“I adore him,” she said of the actor. “He’s just the most lovely and the most entertaining, and as a child I grew up with him and… he’s such a sweetheart and what a gentleman.”

Rhona also called Robson Green, who plays Major Locke, “a darling,” but admits she “missed” out on his career as a pop star in the mid-nineties, alongside eventual “Game of Thrones” actor Jerome Flynn (Bronn on “GOT”).

With “Strike Back” a Cinemax summer series, Rhona has joined the cast of TNT’s 2014-due apocalyptic drama “The Last Ship,” from executive producer Michael Bay.

The series, based on the novel by William Brinkley, stars Eric Dane Dane as Captain Tom Chandler, a leader who survives a global catastrophe.

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Rhona plays a paleomicrobiologist, who is working on the U.S.S. Nathan James and investigating what killed billions worldwide.

“I’m playing another Rachel,” she said of her “The Last Ship” character.

“The crazy thing is my new character’s called Rachel Scott,” she said, pointing out her character has a surname in common with Sullivan Stapleton’s “Strike Back” character, Damian Scott.

And once again, she’s in a fight for the good side.

“Someone’s got to do it — save the world,” she said.

The actress’ new series is currently underway.

“It sounds more big budget than it is,” she said when Access asked about the scale of the show. “TNT are very supportive of their shows, so we get a very great amount of support from them, but it’s also the Navy who have been very generous and the military, again, being very generous with their toys.”

“The Last Ship” will premiere on TNT next year. “Strike Back” airs Friday nights at 10 PM on Cinemax.

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