Rick Springfield Talks Depression, ‘Glee’ Covers & ‘Jessie’s Girl’ Money

In the ‘80s, Rick Springfield had it all – a huge hit with “Jessie’s Girl” and a TV role as soap stud Dr. Noah Drake on “General Hospital” – but soon, he’d almost lose it all.

In part two of a new interview with the rocker, Rick opened up to Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush about how his struggle with depression almost ended his career – and why he’s still not comfortable in his own skin.

“You are confident? You don’t get stage fright?” Billy asked Rick.

“Not at all,” the singer revealed. “[But] even here, I’m kind of a little nervous and fidgety.”

So what is it that makes Rick – who has just released his new memoir “Late, Late At Night” — uncomfortable?

“It’s the part of the thing in the book that I call ‘Mr. D.’ You know, the depression,” he told Billy. “It’s the guy always sticking me. Jabbing me, ‘You’re not good enough’ kind of thing. I’ve always had to fight that.”

Humble, yet haunted by depression since puberty, Rick became a star in the ‘80s despite his personal demons. As far as his soap star role, Rick revealed he took the job to help pay the bills.

“The acting paid off and the music paid off at the same time. That must have been the most mind blowing moment of your life,” Billy asked.

“Yeah, it was huge. It was a rocket ride for sure and that was just something that you hang on, it takes off with such force,” Rick replied.

Decades removed, Rick’s big moneymaker – “Jessie’s Girl” – is still making waves in the pantheon of pop culture, most recently with a rousing rendition on Season 1 of FOX’s “Glee.”

However, did Rick know ahead of time that the hit show would be using the song?

“My wife called. She was watching and said, ‘You’ve got to come and see this,’” Rick explained. “I thought they did a great job!”

“Did they approach you when they used ‘Jessie’s Girl’?” Billy asked.

“I found out later. I only own half the [song], although I’m the writer of ‘Jessie’s Girl,’ I only own half the publishing. That was the deal that was made way back when I was kind of clueless about business,” he added. “But honestly, if they’d come to me, was I going to say no?”

Not that Rick originally penned the pop tune just for the money, but when it comes to “Jessie’s Girl’s” overall residuals, Rick’s not complaining.

“Did it buy you a house?” Billy asked him.

“It’s bought me several houses, actually,” Rick smiled.

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