Ricki Lake's 'Business Of Being Born' Premiere Hits The 'Matrix'

The premiere for Ricki Lake’s emotional journey of motherhood, "The Business of Being Born," which chronicles the birth of her second child via a midwife, was interrupted last night when a host of rabid "Matrix" superfans overwhelmed the proceedings with their desire to find one guest in particular — Carrie Ann Moss.

Ricki was joined by celebrity guests at the premiere – fellow ‘80s star Deborah Gibson, supermodel Cindy Crawford, and "Without A Trace" star Anthony LaPaglia but it was Moss who garnered the most attention.

The autograph seekers bombarded Moss (who starred in the popular film series alongside Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishburn) with high decibel squeals in their determined mission to obtain her John Hancock.

While Access attempted to interview Moss, who expressed a deep admiration for Ricki’s project, our producer on the scene was interrupted as Moss fans dashed through traffic.

Though there is no clear connection between last night’s premiere and today’s eBay listings, signed Moss photos were available on the popular Web site for between $2.49 - $15.99 on Tuesday afternoon.

When Access finally was able get a question in, Moss turned things back to Lake’s project and noted she was slightly jealous she didn’t use a midwife for her own child birth process.

"I am so impressed and inspired and slightly envious that I didn't do it ‘cause I just feel so passionate about the subject matter," Moss enthused. "How great [is it, that] she put herself out there to bring this kind of awareness to people that birth can be different then you see on television."

As for Lake, when Access could hear her over the continued screams for Moss, she noted that she had no qualms about another room full of celebrities seeing one of her most intimate moments on the big screen.

"At this point I have seen it with a audience over a dozen times," Ricki laughed. "I mean it is still something that I am never going to be a 100% comfortable with but you know what? Look at me now — it's like that was six years ago and despite whatever issues I have seeing myself up on the big screen, I became a mother that day for the second time and this film wouldn't of been possible if it wasn't for that experience, so you know I am open to sharing it."

One person who might not have been so comfortable with it once they went inside was a pregnant Brooke Burke, who turned up unsure of what to expect of the film.

"I don't know anything about the process that she went through for this documentary if that is what you mean," Brooke said.

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