Ricky Gervais: ‘I Used To Be The Laziest, Least Ambitious Person I Knew’

Ricky Gervais is a household name thanks to his creation of “The Office,” various movie roles, his latest HBO series “Life’s Too Short,” and, of course, hosting the Golden Globes.

However, the hard-working Brit says he wasn’t always so driven.

“I used to be the laziest, least ambitious person I knew. Well, lazy in terms of work,” Ricky wrote in a blog titled, “On Fame,” posted on The Huffington Post. “I had artistic ambition, I guess, but being a working-class Brit I believed it was better to never try than to try, and run the risk of failing.”

Ricky revealed he got by on his intelligence, often priding himself on his ability to pass exams with little to no effort – a fact he’s no longer proud of.

“This is my greatest regret. It’s a disgusting attitude and potentially a waste of a life,” he wrote. “Writing and directing ‘The Office’ was the first thing I ever tried my hardest at. The reward was revelatory.

“At 40 I was addicted. Not to success. I was addicted to trying my hardest,” he continued. “That’s the reward in itself. It’s what life’s about. The struggle. It’s the only way you can be proud. You can’t be proud of luck.”

The now-50–year-old funnyman said his motivated way of life is much more rewarding.

“I started late, sure. But it really is never too late,” he wrote. “Now I seize the day. And I love that day much, much more. I’m a workaholic.”

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