Rihanna Talks Pesky Paparazzi: There Are Days ‘I Want To Hide’

Rihanna knows all too well that being an international pop superstar has its perks, but also has a downside – in the form of a complete lack of privacy.

“There’s some days I would wake up and it’s like, I want to hide sometimes,” the 24-year-old beauty told Access Hollywood’s Michelle Beadle in an exclusive new interview, when asked if there are days she doesn’t feel like being Rihanna. “Is there one island where there’s no paparazzi, like, were nobody gives a s***? Like, is there one place like that?”

If there is a private retreat for the pop princess to escape to, it definitely wouldn’t be Hollywood — which unfortunately is where Rihanna needed to be to record her new album, “Unapologetic.”

“I would go to the studio every day and paparazzi would follow me from my house to the studio, to eat, to [the] studio, back to my house. And they hung out there until 5-6 in the morning,” she told Michelle. “It was too much. I wanted to just work and focus on my work, not have to deal with this and the flashing lights and you know I just, I wanted to just work in a little hole.

“I just wanted to focus and it was hard to do that,” she added. “Times like that you think, ‘Yeah, this sucks!’”

On the positive side of Rihanna’s mega-stardom is her seven-country-in-seven-days promotional tour, which kicks off in Mexico City on Wednesday. There isn’t any privacy, but at least in this case, the 24-year old got to choose the 150 friends, fans (and yes, Access Hollywood!) that are along for the ride.

“My entire life has prepared me for this business and then, and within this business, you know, I’ve experienced some things that have made me even stronger. And I don’t think that’s anything you can prepare for,” she said. “Your life prepares you for what your future is going to bring.”

Adding, “I’ve been going through stuff since I was a little girl. I think I would crack or would’ve cracked a long time ago had I not experienced those things.”

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