Rising Star: Portia Doubleday

In “Youth In Revolt,” Hollywood newcomer Portia Doubleday plays the object of Michael Cera’s affections – and with the film due this weekend, she’s sure to win over audiences as well. She’s already made fans of AccessHollywood.com – she’s our new Rising Star.

“I’m in shock!” she told Access upon hearing the news at the film’s Los Angeles premiere. “That’s so awesome, thank you very much.”

“Youth” may be her first film, but Portia was quick to answer when asked about her dream collaborator.

“I’m a huge fan of Tim Burton, I would love to be in one of his films,” she said. “I think he’s super talented.”

Portia drew praise from her co-stars, including Michael.

“She is just a great actress,” he said. “She really embodied the part really perfectly. She’s great and she’s gonna do a lot of good stuff.

And Justin Long, who plays her brother in the film, revealed that he and Portia have years of Hollywood history.

“Her older sister and I, a long time ago, dated,” he explained. “I used to pick Portia up from soccer practice when she was 15. I’m so excited for her.”

But the film veteran said he didn’t need to give Portia any advice on the set.

“She’s so natural, I didn’t want to taint her natural abilities,” he said.

And Portia herself added that seeing Justin on the set came as a surprise.

“He used to pick me up from high school,” she said. “It was definitely a trip, coming to set and realizing he plays my brother, because I had no idea until I got there. It was so crazy. I was so nostalgic.”

But having a familiar face among the movie’s talents, which also included Zach Galifianakis, Jean Smart, Fred Willard and Steve Buscemi, was a relief to Portia.

“I think because it’s so intense of a process, being with all these people that are insanely talented and funny, having him around was like having family around,” she said, adding that she didn’t want to corner any of her co-stars for Hollywood info. “I was a little bit intimidated to [pick people’s brains]. Everyone was so down to earth even though they’re kings! They’re so talented!”

However, Portia’s got her own career in the works, with a football-based film on the way.

“I’m working on ‘Touchback,’” she said, describing it as a coming-of-age film alongside actor Alex Frost.

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