Rising Star: ‘The Cape’s’ David Lyons

He hails from all the way from Melbourne, Australia, but this week, David Lyons swings into action as American TV’s newest superhero in “The Cape.”

If his face seems familiar, it’s because before landing the role of superhero-in-training on the new NBC series, AccessHollywood.com’s newest Rising Star was baring his buttocks and making Julia Roberts swoon last summer in “Eat Pray Love”– something he’ll never do again.

“You see a lot less of me in many ways,” David told Access of his new primetime role. “No man should ever see his own a** 30 ft x 30 ft. It’s not good for the psyche.

“You might see some top half, you’ll never see the bottom half again,” he added with a laugh.

Instead, viewers will get to see David as Vince Faraday, an honest officer framed by corrupt cops for a series of murders. Presumed dead, he begins his rise as a caped superhero, attempting to right wrongs and get back to his family, as well as find justice for his city on the edge.

“It’s the genesis of the superhero… it’s a man learning through [his] mistakes,” David said.

So far, making the series, filled with 14-hour workdays — has been a thrill for the actor.

“It feels good. It feels great,” David said of filming the show, which also stars “Sarah Connor Chronicles” star Summer Glau and James Frain of “The Tudors” and “True Blood.” “It’s been a really supportive crew and cast and a great experience.”

While the acting comes easy for David, a graduate of Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art, keeping an American accent going has taken some mastering.

“It is pretty tough,” he said. “Whenever I get emotional or scared, or tired, this tends to creep back [in],” he said, referring to his Melbourne twang.

“The Cape” isn’t the first NBC series for the actor. He played Dr. Simon Brenner – a love interest of Neela’s (Parminder Nagra) on the final two seasons of “ER.”

He also gamed fame on the long-running Australian series “Sea Patrol,” about a patrol group from the Royal Australian Navy.

These days though, his face is finding fans across TV, on buses and even a few billboards.

“I must admit it hasn’t changed that much,” David told Access of his life since the previews started airing. “I haven’t seen the promo yet; it’s best that I don’t look. We’ll see what happens.”

“The Cape” premieres on January 9 at 9 PM on NBC.

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