Rising Star: ‘The Green Hornet’s’ Jay Chou

Playing a role that Bruce Lee once brought to life is no simple task - but multimillion album selling singer-turned-actor, Jay Chou, is kicking butt and making heads turn alongside Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz in “The Green Hornet,” making him AccessHollywood.com’s newest Rising Star!

Jay might be a newcomer stateside but across the Pacific, the 31-year-old star has been winning over audiences since his 2000 debut album, “Jay,” and his first big screen role in “Initial D.” He’s worked with a slew of Asia’s biggest actors, including Chow Yun-fat, Gong Li and Michelle Yeoh and sold over 28 million albums worldwide.

Access caught up with the actor on the night of his first American movie premiere on “Hornet’s” star-studded green carpet, where the Taiwanese star was taking it all in.

“My heart pumping, very fast… I hope my fans enjoy the movie. I hope everyone enjoys the movie!” Jay told Access.

The actor is still getting used to having people scream his name in America.

“It’s amazing, very exciting,” he said, as fans cheered for him at the premiere. “[This is a] great wonderful memory in my life.”

Earlier this week, Access spoke with Jay at the junket for “The Green Hornet,” where he gave us a rundown of his musical past.

“Piano, I was four, study piano,” he explained. “I like hip-hop [too,] any kind of music. Many styles, country. Yeah, I write a song about [a] cowboy, [also] classical.”

In addition to promoting new his action/comedy – in which he plays the Green’s Hornet’s valet/sidekick/gadget guru – Jay is in the midst of a tour supporting his music, which took him down the west coast from Vancouver to San Francisco.

“I hope everyone can hear my music,” he told Access, explaining his hopes that his new film will also lead fans to enjoy his other passion. “Who is Jay Chou? You can go to search, you can search my music videos.”

The actor, who first met director Michael Gondry and Seth via Skype while in Taiwan, hopes he gets the opportunity to work with his co-stars again – especially Cameron.

“If there is a sequel, I hope, you know, more romantic, romance,” he said, referring to his blonde bombshell big screen counterpart.

Check out more with Jay, Seth and Cameron from “The Green Hornet” premiere – which opens everywhere in the U.S. on Friday – HERE!

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