Rob Lowe’s Lawyer & Wife Respond To Countersuit Filed By Former Nanny

Rob Lowe’s lawyer and his wife Sheryl have hit back following the filing of a counter lawsuit against the couple, yesterday by a former nanny.

On April 7, the Lowe’s preemptively filed lawsuits against three of their former employees, claiming , among other things, that they broke a confidentiality agreement.

Yesterday, former Lowe nanny Laura Boyce, who was named as a defendant in the April 7 suit, filed her own counter suit against the couple via lawyer Gloria Allred.

In Boyce’s suit, obtained by Access Hollywood, she accuses Sheryl Lowe of sexual harassment. Boyce is also suing for wrongful termination and unpaid wages.

In her detailed accusations, Boyce claims that Sheryl Lowe made lurid, sexual and racial comments about the nanny’s romantic relationships. Boyce also claims that Sheryl Lowe spoke to her, in detail about Sheryl Lowe’s sex life with Rob Lowe. Boyce also claims Sheryl Lowe also spoke to her about the size of the anatomy of the Lowe children.

In the paperwork, Boyce claims she resigned due to Sheryl’s “disgusting racially and sexually offensive behavior,” the lawsuit read.

Earlier today, the Lowe’s attorney, Larry Stein, lashed out at the countersuit in a statement obtained by Access Hollywood.

“Having struck out against Rob Lowe, Gloria Allred now seeks to drag his wife and children into the fray. In response to a lawsuit against Laura Boyce by the Lowes, Ms. Allred filed a cross-complaint on behalf of Boyce, which contains false allegations, in an apparent attempt to divert the negative publicity which Allred’s client, Gibson, has universally received,” Stein’s statement read.

“Although framed as a sexual harassment claim against both Sheryl and Rob Lowe, the cross-complaint alleges only words by Sheryl and never mentions any words or conduct by Rob whatsoever,” the statement continued. “The alleged statements by Sheryl are totally unrelated to, and do not provide any support for, Gibson’s claims against Rob.”

On Thursday afternoon, Sheryl Lowe herself, also responded with a statement, obtained by Access Hollywood.

“As a mother of two young boys, it is sickening and disgusting that Mrs. Allred and Ms. Boyce would stoop so low as to drag a child into this latest, baseless, predatory lawsuit. To falsely attack my husband is one thing, to attack me is another, but to do this to our son reveals not only their lack of character, but how far they are willing to go to play the ‘lawsuit lotto,’” her statement read.

“The charges against me are lies meant to embarrass and humiliate. I find it deeply offensive the false allegation that I would use racially insensitive comments. I’m certain that my dearest and longtime friend, and godfather to my children, Marcus Allen would beg to differ with their charges,” her statement continued. “We do not see color in my household; my children do not see color. It deeply saddens me that I even have to explain this to my children. These false allegations are made all the more painful because our family has been betrayed by a woman we welcomed into our home and treated like family. Laura Boyce was physically abused by a man with whom she was having a relationship. I had to take her to the emergency room once, and advised her that she had to be more careful about the men she dated, and that she was running with the wrong crowd. We are shocked that she has now chosen to destroy our right to peace, quiet, and privacy.”

Also included in Boyce’s filing are denials of every allegation in the Lowe’s original suit.

Specifically, Boyce has denied that Rob and Sheryl have been damaged by her and that the Lowes are entitled to “relief” (pay) from her.

In defense to the Lowe’s original filing, Boyce claims in her suit that it was not until after she had been identified as a potential witness in another employment dispute that the Lowes initiated their complaint against her.

She further claims that the Lowes own behavior and conduct waived any rights to relief or defense.

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