ROLL CALL: Adam Lambert: ‘I Don’t Want To Be A Gay Poster Child’

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Adam Lambert Is Not Your Gay Poster Child!: Adam Lambert doesn’t appear to be too happy with his new status as gay America’s leading man. “I don’t want to be a gay poster child, but I am by default, because there aren’t that many,” he told USA Today. “Like it or not, it’s projected on me. I’m not saying, ‘Do what I do.’ I say, ‘Do what you do.’” Adam got into a recent spat on Twitter with Out magazine editor-in-chief Aaron Hicklin over agreeing to appear on the cover of their Out 100 issue. We think the excessive use of glitter, guy-liner and non-stop screeching could be perceived as begging to differ about that gay poster child label.

WTF! OME Is The OMG?: The staff has been inundated with Twi-lingo from our devoted Twi-Hard readers. Messages from fans filled with lingo like, OME (Oh my Edward), OCD (Obsessive Cullen disorder) and PSD (Post saga depression) have been filling out inboxes. We’d like to suggest OMJ (Oh my Jacob), WWECD? (What would Edward Cullen do?) ROTFWEC (Rolling on the floor with Edward Cullen) – and our favorite – WTF (What the fang!) to also be introduced into the Twi-nacular.

Is Depp Really The ‘Sexiest’: People named Johnny Depp 2009’s “The Sexiest Man Alive,” but we couldn’t help but wonder… with only one movie released in 2009, “Public Enemies” (which nobody saw!) and “Twilight” mania sweeping the globe – shouldn’t Robert Pattinson have been given the crown? Let your voice be heard! Tell us if you agree with Johnny’s honor on AH Nation!

The Daily Eww!: Today’s Daily Eww! involves a helpless dog caught between an open-mouthed starlet and her puckering husband. Hey Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack, not in front of the pooch – or anyone with eyes for that matter! XOXO- Roll Call!

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