ROLL CALL: Amy Winehouse Launches Fashion Line

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Wino Wear!: Amy Winehouse is on to a new line… of clothes that is! According to Glamour UK, via People, the petite beehived British singer has started a clothing line based after one of her favorite movie characters. “I like ’40s and ’50s stuff. I played Rizzo in ‘Grease’ when I was a kid at school, and I’ve always worn bowling shirts and things like classic trenchcoats,” the singer explained of her new line with Fred Perry. Ah, the Pink Ladies would be so proud! After all, Wino probably knows better than anyone that there are worse things she could do — cue the soundtrack!

“Real Housewife” Ramona Gets “Ramotional”!: Another day, another “Real Housewives” star in another reported scuffle. According to Us Weekly, “The Real Housewives of New York City’s” Ramona Singer hit a producer while taping her hit Bravo show last week. “She was furious and felt like the producers were ganging up on her,” a mag insider claimed. “She literally lost her mind.” Another source added, “No one is really sure what exactly spurred her craziness… But she got herself worked up over filming this scene and one thing led to another, and she punched the producer. Literally.” A rep for Bravo declined to comment when contacted by the mag. Roll Call can’t pinpoint Ramona’s craziness either, but we think this clip from last season (how could we pass up a chance to take a trip down the memory catwalk?) might be a clue!

Courtney Love Quits Twitter: Courtney Love has left Twitter over an almost-nude photo Twitter snafu! “I’m off twitter, that photo was meant for a boy friend,” she Tweeted, referring to a photo she posted of herself where she appears nude, but covered. We’d like to point out that she has yet to take down the photo that caused to her quit Twitter. Dlisted has a hilarious censored version of the photo in question, HERE — and (if you dare), the full monty is, HERE! (Warning: no actual nudity lies ahead, but it ain’t pretty!)

“The Social Network’s” Unseen Man Candy!: Armie Hammer, who is coming to Access Hollywood Live on Thursday, might be getting tons of attention for his stunning good looks following his dual roles as the Winklevoss twins in “The Social Network,” but The New York Post’s Pop Wrap did a little digging and found his pre-CGI stunt double is also someone you’d be lucky to have on your arm! Meet Josh Pence, HERE – where’s the “Like” button when we need it?!

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