ROLL CALL: Aniston In A Love Triangle & Britney Out Of ‘Colors?’

Your Daily Dispatch of Celebrity Shenanigans by Tommy Vergason

June 28, 2007

ANISTON’S LOVE TRIANGLE: Jennifer Aniston may be part of a love triangle — on screen, that is. Actor Sam Rockwell (“Charlie’s Angels”) tells USMAGAZINE.COM that he and Aniston will be caught up in a three-way romance with Peter Saarsgard in the upcoming film, “You Are Here,” set to begin filming next year. Rockwell will soon be seen alongside Aniston’s ex, Brad Pitt, in “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,” and US asked him if it will be strange to work with Aniston, considering his friendship with Pitt. “Oh no - it’s an acting part. It’s not like I’m really going to have an affair with Jennifer,” Rockwell reportedly replied. “I have a girlfriend and I think she’s got a boyfriend - I don’t know. Ask the tabloids - they know better than me!” As for the tabloids, how did Rockwell feel about reports that he and Aniston were dating a few months ago? “It was funny and flattering,” he is quoted as saying. “Had it gone any further, it would’ve been annoying. A guy showed up in front of my apartment and that was kind of creepy. But I was like, ‘Whatever.’” While the two are NOT romantically involved, Rockwell is still quite fond of Aniston. “I’ve met Jennifer,” he told US. “She’s a lovely person, such a nice person.”

WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN: Did the late Princess Diana have dreams of starring in movies herself? Following up on on a reported claim years ago that Diana was considering starring with Kevin Costner in a sequel to “The Bodyguard,” E! ONLINE’s MARC MALKIN asked “The Diana Chronicles” author Tina Brown if the rumor had any merit. “She’d never have done that, or been an actress,” Brown reportedly said, but added that Diana did have aspirations to move to the Los Angeles area. “She did, in fact, want a place in Malibu, and I think she’d have ended up coming here a lot,” Brown is quoted as saying. “You know, in a way, fame the size of hers needed L.A., Hollywood, to cope. It’s the home of big fame, and you can come and lose yourself behind a gated house. I can imagine her having a very enjoyable time in the pool here and the kids visiting. It’s tragic, really, that she never had her second act here.”

A SPICY RUMOR: She may not be a princess, but could Victoria Beckham be officially deemed a “Lady” in the near future? THE NY POST’s CINDY ADAMS says she “hears” that exiting British Prime Minister Tony Blair may have put the former Spice Girl on his wish list of resignation honors (bestowed in the form of knighthoods or ladyships in the U.K.) The Queen has the final say as to who receives the honor, but “takes [Blair’s] selections as a matter of form.”

As for the Spice Girls, their big announcement of a reunion tour has been made today. USA TODAY brought in Joe Levy, executive editor of Rolling Stone magazine, to give his expert opinion why the reunion is a good idea. “I could only say that the money would be there if it did [happen],” he reportedly said. “There are many groups who we thought would never get back together, who have tried it with varying degrees of success. I think it’s safe to say that none of [The Spice Girls] have gotten the attention or continued fame they seem to feel they deserve.” Levy follows up his statement with a detailed breakdown of what each “Spice” has been up to since their split in 2001.

NO ‘COLORS’ FOR BRITNEY?: Fans hoping to catch Britney Spears onstage at LA’s Greek Theater this Saturday may be in for a disappointment, THE NY POST’s PAGE SIX reports. As previously reported, Spears’ choreographer, Misha Gabriel, told PEOPLE that Britney would be performing that night for Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” tour, but a PAGE SIX source claims that it’s being called off. “There’s no way,” the source reportedly said. “Britney said she would only dance or lip-sync - and to be on stage with Cyndi, you have to actually perform. It’s not happening now.” A rep for “True Colors” told PAGE SIX, “She was invited to appear on the first date in Las Vegas, but we never heard from her.” What bearing that may have on this Saturday’s reported LA appearance remains to be seen. Other performers expected at the show are Erasure, Debbie Harry and Rosie O’Donnell.

HOT TOPIC: The ladies of “The View” may be announcing replacements for Rosie O’Donnell and Star Jones-Reynolds soon, reports TV GUIDE, and they believe that the choices have been narrowed down to three women. TV GUIDE reports that an announcement should be made between July 9 and August 2, and that fans should keep their eyes on three candidates who have cohosted the show numerous times: Gayle King, who “won raves for her Meredith Vieira-style moderating last week,” Whoopi Goldberg, and fellow funny lady Sherri Shepherd, who are cohosting July 9 and 13. “There could be two African-American hosts, which would be great,” a source close to the show reportedly said. As for rumors that actor/comedian Mario Cantone is in the running, TV GUIDE says that they hear his guest-hosting is more of a “fun stunt” than a tryout.

GAME SHOW SHOWDOWN: And finally, two hosts of upcoming game shows with similar themes had a playful duke-out, reports THE NY DAILY NEWS. Joey Fatone, host of NBC’s upcoming “The Singing Bee,” reportedly called Wayne Brady, host of Fox’s “Don’t Forget the Lyrics,” to stir up some friendly rivalry. “I actually called [Brady] up and said, ‘So I hear you’re kind of doing a similar show,’” Fatone reportedly said yesterday as he prepped for the first taping. “He said, ‘Yeah, it’s similar,’ and I said, ‘Ours is better.’” Both of the new shows asks contestants to recall the words to pop songs. “If you’re pretty good with lyrics, you’re able to rock and roll with it,” Fatone reportedly said. He joked that he’s just there to “make fun of everyone.” “My role is just to keep it moving,” he is quoted as saying. “Obviously I have a musical background, so that kind of helps. Although, thank goodness, you won’t really be watching me sing. But I try to help them out if they mess up.”

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