ROLL CALL: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Star Trek Into Darkness Shower Scene Revealed!

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Eve, Pine & Now Cumberbatch!: The “Star Trek Into Darkness” flesh fest continues! First, the film raised eyebrows with what some are calling a gratuitous underwear scene with Alice Eve. Damon Lindelof, the sci-fi sequel’s co-writer and producer, apologized for the scene, but also pointed out that Chris Pine does his fair share semi-naked work in the film. Last night on “Conan,” director J.J. Abrams showed fans a deleted shower scene with Benedict Cumberbatch, who stars as the film’s villain. Conan, naturally, added an alternate score to make it sexier!

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Get Morgan A Venti!: Now he’s awake, now he’s nodding off! “Now You See Me” star Morgan Freeman apparently had trouble staying awake during a live interview for his new film, during a video-conferencing chat with Seattle’s Fox affiliate KCPQ. See the actor apparently nod off mid-interview at the 1:30 mark. Luckily, co-star Michael Caine was on hand and completely conscious.

Amanda Bynes Tried To Use Google To Board A Plane!: TSA regulations? Reportedly not for Amanda Bynes! According to TMZ, the headline-making actress attempted to board a private jet without a proper and current government issued ID. When the pilot told her she could not fly without a valid ID, she reportedly told him to Google her and yelled, “I’m Amanda Bynes!” No word if the pilot Googled the actress (and had a good laugh), but she was reportedly told that an Internet search engine would not take the place of a proper ID.

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Justin Bieber Named Seventh Most Popular…?: Justin Bieber made the top 10 of a list he might not want to appear on! Find out all the details!

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