ROLL CALL: Beyonce All Atwitter Over Twitter

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Beyonce To Squash Twitposters: If you’ve been pretending to Beyonce on Twitter – you better stop! According to Britain’s The Sun, the singing diva is set to take legal action against any faux Beyonces out in the Twit-verse. The singer was reportedly alerted to the problem by sister her Solange, who was being pestered by one of the Twitposters. Dear @Fakeyonce, you’re about to get served!

Mariah’s Journey To Find Love: Mariah Carey has been known to cover rock songs now and then. She sang Def Leppard’s “Bringing on the Heartache,” as a ballad on her “Charmbraclet” album, but now she’s hoping for a little more success with her upcoming cover of the Foreigner classic, “I Want to Know What Love Is,” which is slated to be a single on her next album, according to The New York Post’s Page Six. The singer even beat out Marc Anthony for the rights to use the rock classic. We’re excited to hear Mimi’s take on the song!

Demi & Archie To Hit The Road: Attention Arch Angels – and all you fans loco for Lovato! Demi Lovato and David Archuleta are hitting the road together on a 47-city tour, the Disney star announced on her Web site. We’re guessing this squeaky clean tour won’t have the backstage antics that some other rock tours are known for!

Lil’ Kim’ Bratty Prison Down Time: Ever wondered how celebs pass the time while locked up in prison? Well, for “Dancing With the Stars” contestant and rapper, Lil’ Kim, it was a Bratz coloring book. The rapper told, “I decided to buy a coloring book – I’m a huge Bratz fan – and I painted the Bratz and made them all wear Marc Jacobs.” And Marc was apparently keen on Lil’ Kim’s colorful styling choices. “[I] sent it to him. He blew it up and framed it, and now it’s hanging in his house. So Marc Jacobs is the best,” she added.

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