ROLL CALL: Bon Jovi Shoots Down Blake, & ‘Lost’ Calls It Quits?

Your Daily Dispatch of Celebrity Shenanigans by Tommy Vergason

May 7, 2007

A SECRET MARRIAGE?: USMAGAZINE.COM reports that actress Brittany Murphy has secretly wed. According to their report, she was spotted with screenwriter Simon Monjack at the Playboy event at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, where they were both wearing wedding rings. A source reportedly tells US, “[Murphy and Montjack] were drinking Crown Royal, and [they] didn’t want photographers to take pictures of their rings because they were waiting to make a formal announcement on Monday.” The source adds, “They were dancing in the V.I.P. section and around DJ Reach’s booth. They looked very excited, happy and jovial.“A rep for Murphy declined comment when contacted by US.

THE EX-HUSBANDS’ CLUB: Kid Rock and Kevin Federline were among the celebrities horsing around at The Kentucky Derby this weekend, and PEOPLE recounts an alleged exchange between the two rapper/musicians — who have each had their own experience with high-profile divorces. Rock reportedly told Federline that he should keep his sons with Britney Spears (Sean Preston, 1, and Jayden James, nearly 8 months), and his two kids with Shar Jackson (Kori, 4, and Kaleb, 2), out of the limelight. According to Rock, Federline replied: “You never see me photographed with the kids.” PEOPLE claims the two men had also engaged in a friendly “rap battle” at Louisville’s Felt nightclub in the wee hours of the morning, after Rock had taken control of the DJ booth.

SHOT TO THE HEART: Blake Lewis, an “American Idol” finalist who has received praise for incorporating his own beats and arrangements into established songs, reportedly met with disapproval over his beat-box infused take on Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name” last week — from Jon Bon Jovi himself. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY interviews “American Idol” pianist Michael Orland, who regularly coaches and accompanies the finalists as they prepare for performances. Orland reportedly says of Lewis’ performance last week, “I thought it was so genius I couldn’t believe it. I was scared for him, though. I knew it could go either way, as we saw with Chris Sligh weeks ago. I was in the room watching Bon Jovi with him and Bon Jovi was not digging it at all. But I thought it was so incredible and respectful of Bon Jovi’s version.” While Bon Jovi said in a pre-taped intro last week that he thought Lewis’ take on the song was “risky,” there has been no comment made on what he thought of the finished product.

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‘LOST’ FINDS AN ENDING: ABC has announced that their hit drama “Lost” will be a finished product — in three years. Though the show has a rabid fanbase, the complex thriller has been derided by many for heaping more and more mysteries on viewers with no resolutions in sight. The show’s producers, along with ABC, have come up with what they feel is a workable solution to the problem. THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER announces that “Lost” will run for 48 more episodes over three seasons(ending in 2010). Each season will consist of 16 episodes, which will air uninterrupted. Having the end point in sight is “incredibly liberating,” says EP Damon Lindelof. “Like we’ve been running a marathon and we actually know where the finish line is for the first time.” Lindelof and co-EP Carlton Cuse say they’ve had “a road map for the series with all the major mythological milestones and the ending in place” for a while. “What we didn’t know was how long we had to play the story out,” Cuse said. “By defining the endpoint we can now really map out the rest of the series in confidence.”

BUT WHAT ABOUT GEOFFREY RUSH? : The “Pirates of the Caribbean” trilogy faces its own end point (at least for now) when the third installment, “At World’s End,” hits theaters on Friday. “Pirates” actress Naomie Harris (who plays witchy-woman Tia Dalma) offers her opinion on one of the films’ pressing mysteries: Who’s hotter - Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom? “Orlando; I love him,” she reportedly reveals to THE NY DAILY NEWS’ BEN WIDDICOMBE. “When I did ‘Pirates 2’ and I caught a cold on the plane over to start filming for my first day, everyone was there: Geoffrey Rush, Johnny, Orlando - and I was kind of intimidated because I caught this cold and I could hardly speak. Orlando was really sweet, he came up to me and gave me all this cough syrup - and I was like, ‘Yeah, you’re the hotter one.’”

FATED FASHION?: The woman who turned “that’s hot” into a catch phrase, Paris Hilton, is facing jail time for violating probation, as ACCESS reported on Friday. In light of the news, US WEEKLY offers a pictorial history of Hilton wearing various outfits that are reminiscent of prison garb (and “The Hamburglar”). The photos capture Hilton at various past events wearing variations on the classic black-and-white stripe motif heavily associated with convicts. It’s all purely coincidental, of course.

GISELE’S SECRET : Supermodel Gisele Bundchen may be following in the fashion foosteps of Madonna and Kylie Minogue, by designing clothes for H&M department stores. THE NY POST’s PAGE SIX reports that Bundchen is “negotiating a lingerie line” with H&M, but that an official announcement is on hold. According to a source, “Gisele has been in talks with H&M for a long time, but for legal issues she has to wait for her Victoria’s Secret contract to end to start the project.” Reps for Bundchen did not comment to PAGE SIX.

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