ROLL CALL: Brad & Angelina’s Soaring Weekend & ‘Men In Trees’ Gets The Axe

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Brad & Angelina’s Soaring Weekend: Some kids might get a trip to the park or maybe matinee movie over the weekend, but if you’re Brad and Angelina’s child, you get a helicopter ride with your parents as the pilots. The super parents took daughter Zahara for a helicopter trip around France on Saturday, People reports. The family is staying in St. Jean Cap Ferrat in the villa of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Brad and Angelina are reportedly house hunting in the area. Though the family’s weekend sounds beyond amazing, a local told the mag, “They’re doing everything you and I might be doing. Eating, taking naps and swimming in the pool.” Hmmm, yeah…just like the rest of us.

Vanessa Hudgens Looks Up To An Olsen: Love or hate the fashion style of Mary-Kate Olsen, there’s no denying her influence, especially with the “High School Musical” crowd — including one of its stars, Vanessa Hudgens. “Mary-Kate Olsen, Victoria Beckham and Nicole Richie. [They] have fun with fashion,” the Disney star told Glamour magazine in their June issue, when asked who her favorite celeb trendsetters were. “If something’s cool and funky and I like it, it doesn’t matter how much it costs,” she said. No word which cast member of “Full House” Zac Efron looks up to for style guidance, but we’re guessing Uncle Jesse.

Zach Braff Wants You For Music Video: “Scrubs” star-turned-music video director is asking fans of singer Jay Clifford to videotape themselves to possibly be part of the music video for “Know When to Walk Away,” which Zac is directing, People reports. “I’ve been looking for a way to collaborate with creative people all over the world,” Braff told the mag. “There have been videos where many people lip synch a song, but I have yet to see anyone wrangle the resources of the YouTube revolution into one unified thing. I have no idea if it will work, but that’s part of the fun.” Sounds like someone is trying to not do his own work.

‘Men in Trees’ Chopped Down: Fans of the ABC show “Men In Trees” will have a free hour in their TV viewing schedule, as the series has been canceled,’s Michael Ausiello reports. “I am really proud of the work we did on MIT,” series creator Jenny Bicks told TV Guide. “A huge thank you to our supportive fans.” ABC could be to blame for the show’s downfall, as the network moved the show an excessive amount of times, much to the demise of those involved in the series. “I wish the show had not been moved six times and put onto two long hiatuses, no show could survive that.” Bicks said. Though not exactly the same, fans could watch a back-to-back combo of “Northern Exposure” and “Sex and The City” to fill the void of single women looking for love and the Alaskan wilderness.

New ‘Dark Knight’ Trailer Drops: Can’t get enough of the Bat? A trailer for the latest Batman film, “The Dark Knight” has popped up online. Check out the film that some critics are saying could earn Heath Ledger posthumous Oscar nomination HERE.

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