ROLL CALL: Britney To Work The Orange Carpet & Chace And Carrie Split

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Brit At The Kids' Choice Awards?: Is Britney Spears going to be gracing the orange carpet at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards? A source tells OK! Magazine that Britney may be showing up at the annual slime-fest. "It's supposed to be top secret, but everyone is already buzzing about it," the source told OK!. "Her sister, Jamie Lynn, made such a splash at the event last year, Brit knows that she'll get as much, if not more, attention if she shows up this year." We can only imagine the amazing moments that will transpire when Access Hollywood's "Kid Choice Awards" correspondent Christian Siriano (of "Project Runway" fame) meets the pop princess! We imagine we'll learn the definition of what's fiercer than "fierce."

Lohan Dinner Manners: Lindsay Lohan appears to be the last person you might want to take out to dinner. The actress was spotted with a group of friends Wednesday night at Nobu, People reports. She reportedly interrupted dinner multiple times for smoke breaks, Blackberry-ed most of the meal and the left in the middle of dinner, asking for a separate bill. So much for the multi-millionaire at the table buying dinner for everyone — or even appearing to be somewhat interested in being there.

Chace & Carrie Split, While JC Does Damage Control: What is the world coming to when an "American Idol" winner and a "Gossip Girl "star just can't make it work? Carrie Underwood and Chace Crawford have split, a source tells Us Magazine. In an even further interesting twist, Chase's good buddy JC Chasez shot down rumors that he and the "WB" star were romantically involved, telling KISS-FM 104.7 in Phoenix, AZ on Wednesday, "For the record, we're both straight. We're not dating." Hey Gossip Girl, are you writing all of this down?

Tyra & Jay Manuel Still Chummy: Despite reports by OK! Magazine that Tyra Banks and Jay Manuel were in the middle of a fierce feud, a rep for Tyra tells Us Magazine the fashion duo are still friends and will continue to try and turn haggard girls into so-called "models" on "America's Next Top Model," saying, "The rumors about Tyra leaving [Top Model] and the fight with Jay are NOT TRUE!" PHEW! With news of the Carrie / Chase split, we don't know if could handle another break-up today.

Zac Is Pumped: With "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" looming in the distance, Zac Efron was spotted pumping up at an Equinox gym in New York's West Village, People reports. Eforn reportedly kept to himself, listening to his iPod while he pumped iron. We're assuming the need to have ripped arms is integral to plot line of the upcoming conclusion to the "High School Musical" trilogy. A possible Wildcats basketball showdown of epic proportions? Or maybe Zac just knows what his adoring fans want most. Either way, pump away Zac!

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