ROLL CALL: Britney’s Audience Drops It A Little Too Hot

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Brit’s Audience Grinds Their Way Out Of The Arena: Hey Britney Spears’ audience – let’s keep the sexy bumping and grinding on the stage please. According to The New York Post’s Page Six, audience members at Brit’s “Circus” show at NYC’s Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night were told they were dancing “too provocatively.” One “I’m too sexy for this” concert audience member, Sandra Ion, told the paper, “I guess there had been a complaint from someone in our section that our dancing was too risque. Meanwhile, Britney is onstage gyrating half-naked and singing ‘Get Naked.’ It was totally ridiculous. They should have just moved whoever complained instead of all of us.” Ion claimed that she and her band of dirty dancers missed three of Brit’s songs and the venue would not reimburse them. Asking a Britney audience to not dance provocatively would be like asking Brit to not lip-synch – ain’t never gonna happen!

Rihanna Dances The Night Away: Chris Brown was sentenced on Tuesday for assaulting Rihanna – and the R&B songstress appeared to celebrate putting the events of last winter behind her in style – and with Serena Williams and Queen Latifah in tow. According to The New York Daily News’ Gatecrasher, the ladies hit NYC’s Greenhouse and according to an onlooker, “Rihanna was dancing all night. Chris looked like the furthest thing from her mind.”

Jon Gosselin & Mom Head To Sin City: Oh, Jon Gosselin, we don’t like picking on you – OK, well maybe a little. According to People, Jon is heading for a little vacation with his mom to Las Vegas. “I always promised my mom I’d take her to Vegas to see the shows and that kind of stuff,” he told the mag. “We’re just going to do our own thing.” And by “own thing,” we hope Jon’s mom knows this means strip clubs and cheap buffets! trip.

Robert Pattinson Drops A Subtle Batman Hint?: Is Robert Pattinson dropping a subtle hint about a movie he’d like to star in? We’d like to start the “RPattz To Play The Riddler Campaign” right here and now!

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