ROLL CALL: Britney’s Video Leaked & No Pam TV!

Your Daily Dispatch of Celebrity Shenaningans
by Jesse Spero

December 14, 2007

A Little Piece of Britney: You can check out what all the Britney video fuss was about last month. A clip of the first 24 seconds of her new video is available to stream on People. Britney and a gaggle of Brit-clones are prepping for a night on the town, when photographers swarm her house. In other words… a depiction of any normal night for the pop star.

The “Hills” Are Indeed Alive With The Sound Of Music: In other online leak news, “Hills” star Heidi Montag is getting into the music biz and one of her tracks has surfaced online. Check out US Magazine to find out if Heidi has what it takes to make it in the world of pop stars.

Pam’s Mistakes: Not On Your TV: In sad reality television show news, it appears one of our favorites, Pam Anderson won’t be bringing us the magic of her crazy life in the form of a reality show. The bombshell said on her official Web site, “I was considering…only to promote and have people see what it’s like to create a show and be on stage starring in a big Vegas production… not my family life… I know I’ve mad a lot of mistakes.” Now where are we going to get our Tommy Lee - Kid Rock bar brawl fix? If you have a change of heart Pam, our DVR is ready and waiting.

Jessica Simpson Is Not Getting Your 12 Bucks!: Jessica’s new film, “Blonde Ambition,” co-starring Luke Wilson, is reportedly going straight to a DVD clearance bin near you, according to US Magazine. Initially, Jessica’s camp said, “It’s definitely a theatrical release.” Apparently, Hollywood didn’t agree.

A Whole Lot Of J.K. Rowling: The woman who gave the world “Harry Potter” has sold her newest book, “The Tales of Beedle the Bard,” which is hand-written and illustrated by the author herself, for nearly 4 million dollars at auction, according to a report by The Associated Press. The money raised will be donated to charity. What can’t J.K do?!

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