ROLL CALL: Election Night Hangover!

Your Daily Dispatch of Celebrity Shenanigans

Still Reeling From The Obama Win?: Big time Obama supporter Beyonce took to her website, Tumblr and Instagram to celebrate the President’s big win, where she kept it old school with a Sharpie and a sheet of lined notebook paper. B wrote, “Take That Mitches,” which we can only hope makes it into a future song.

“SNL” Alum Victoria Jackson Floored By Election: Donald Trump wasn’t the only Hollywood name who wasn’t exactly happy with the election results. “Saturday Night Live” alum Victoria Jackson (remember her?) proved she still had command of the dramatic arts with her post-election Tweet, “I can’t stop crying. America died.” Slow your roll Vic, it will be OK.

Flag Head Lady Forever!: Obama and Biden were last night’s winners, but America’s true winner might be Flag Head Lady, who was seated behind the President during his speech. What is a better example of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness than sticking a flag in your head as your cheer on your candidate. See Flag Head Lady working her patriotic coif couture look, HERE!

So Just How Many Votes Did Roseanne Barr Get?: Roseanne Barr, who ran as the Peace and Freedom Party presidential candidate in Florida, California and Colorado, got more votes in Tuesday’s election than we ever thought she would. The comedian/TV star pulled in just over 48,000 votes as of last night, according to BuzzFeed, with 7,600 coming from Florida, where Obama lead Romney by just 36,000 votes.

-- Jesse Spero

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