ROLL CALL: Elizabeth Hurley Says No To The Knife!

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No Enhancements For Liz!: British beauty Elizabeth Hurley took to her Twitter on Monday shooting down reports that she recently had breast implants. “I read that I’ve just had breast implants-happy to report still au naturel,” she Tweeted on Monday. “But I do wear exceptionally well cut bikinis.” We applaud a Hollywood star who’s keeping it real!

Vivienne & Knox Are (In) Hungary!: Vivienne and Knox Pitt-Jolie have been keeping a low profile lately, but the adorable twins turned up Monday in Budapest, Hungary with mom Angelina Jolie, Us Weekly reported. The actress reportedly brought the 2-year-old twins on a location-scouting trip for a just-announced movie that the actress is slated to shoot there in the fall. See Angelina and her Budapest babies, HERE!

Levi Actually Running For Office!?: In what may be the worst thing to happen to politics since California let any old D-list celebrity run for office during the 2003 recall election, Playgirl model and America’s favorite baby daddy, Levi Johnston, appears to be going through with his plan to run for office! According to documents filed on Friday and obtained by TMZ, Levi filed his letter of intent to run for “state or municipal office” in the City of Wasilla, Alaska. He reportedly did not specify which position he would run for, but he previously said he’d be running for Sarah Palin’s old position of mayor. We can only dream (or have nightmares) of a day when Levi is announced as a Vice Presidential candidate!

Dirty “Gossip”: Do you want your “Gossip Girl” a little dirtier? A 10-minute blooper reel from the Season 3 DVDs has popped up on YouTube filled with your favorite CW stars cutting loose and letting the expletives fly…don’t worry, the really harsh one have been bleeped! We have to agree with The New York Post’s Pop Wrap that Penn Badgley’s moment at the 8:50 mark is quite classic – not to mention Georgina Sparks’ (Michelle Trachtenberg) final words of the clip. Check out all the flubs and fun, HERE!

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