ROLL CALL: Fallen ‘Idol’ Contestant Says She Won’t Watch Show

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Fallen ‘Idol’ Contestant Says She Won’t Watch Show: Tatiana Del Toro almost nabbed a spot in “Idol’s” Top 13 during the wild card show, but the girl who was known for her theatrics, Whitney Houston songs, her laughing – and more laughing — told OK! Magazine she won’t be tuning in to see who is crowned the new champ. “I don’t think I can watch the show, I’ll have a panic attack,” she told the mag. “Do I wish I was there? Yeah!” And as for that laugh, “I never thought laughing would have been such a big deal, that’s for sure. There’s lots of people who laugh.” But not like you do Tat! We’ll miss you… and your laugh… each week.

‘City’ Girl Not Laughing: Aspiring socialite and “The City” star, Olivia Palermo, is not laughing at the way she’s being portrayed on “The Hills” spin-off. “I feel like MTV sits there and figures out, ‘How many non-smiling shots can we take of her?’” she told People, adding that she wants her “true character” to be seen. “I’m normal, I’m down-to-earth, I’m funny, I’m sweet. I’m not out to get anyone at all!” Wait! She better be, because if she’s not, there’s no show! “The City” doesn’t need another Lo Bosworth!

James Franco’s Professors Not Laughing Either: We’re assuming the reason James Franco was spotted sleeping during a lecture at Columbia University was because he was working so hard on a film the night before – and not because the lecture might have been boring. See James catching some college ZZZ’s, HERE!

No Laughs in New Leighton Meester Movie: Unless you’ve got a warped sense of humor, “Gossip Girl” star Leighton Meester’s new movie, “The Roommate,” won’t make you laugh – but it should make you afraid of going away to college! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress is in talks to star in a new thriller about a college girl whose roommate becomes obsessed with her and then tries to kill her loved ones. Sounds like “Gossip Girl” meets “Single White Female,” we can’t wait!

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