ROLL CALL: Gwen The Baby-Maker & Lindsay The Hippie?

Your Daily Dispatch of Celebrity Shenanigans by Tommy Vergason

April 11, 2007

THIS ‘DANCING’ STAR IS GLOWING : “Dancing With the Stars” host Samantha Harris insists that she has not had her breasts augmented, as many people have assumed - rather, she’s expecting a baby! Harris tells PEOPLE that she decided to spill the beans on her pregnancy after rumors started flying that she’d had plastic surgery. “My publicist was getting calls about it, my family got calls about it,” Harris reportedly said. “I did not get a boob job, but I have put on a little weight because I am happy to finally say I am pregnant.” The baby is reportedly due in the fall.

HEY BABY HEY BABY HEY! : Gwen Stefani put on a little extra weight with her pregnancy, but she is back to her fabulous figure just in time for a Harper’s Bazaar fashion photo shoot, reports THE NY DAILY NEWS. “Your metabolism is like, whooosh!” she reportedly says of her body, post-pregnancy. “You’re sleep deprived, but you have this crazy amount of energy because of all those hormones. I’m scared what’ll happen when it all stops. What it’ll feel like, going back to the regular me. “Now I’m in a repeater zone. I just want to make babies and make records.”

WHERE THERE’S A WILHELMINA, THERE’S NO WAY : Vanessa Williams has been the subject of many fashion shoots, and is currently playing the role of a fashion director on ABC’s “Ugly Betty,” but she reportedly tells TV GUIDE that comfort trumps fashion when it comes to her own personal look: “I have my own style, which is more relaxed and casual than anything. I definitely love comfort No. 1, and I do think I have a fashion sense, but I’m not obsessed with clothing or labels, and that’s pretty freeing.” When asked if her “Ugly Betty” character Wilhelmina’s style has had an effect on her, she reportedly says, “I think Wilhelmina is way more uptight than comfortable, that’s for sure. I would never wear Wilhelmina’s stuff. It’s a little too severe. It’s not my style.”

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A ‘SMART’ NEW BOND GIRL : “The Devil Wears Prada” star Anne Hathaway’s new movie role is the subject of a makeover, and not just in the style sense. Hathaway is recreating the part of Agent 99 in the new feature film “Get Smart,” based on the 1960’s spy comedy series. USA TODAY interviews director Peter Segal about changes that have been made to update the storyline to more present-day themes, and Hathaway’s character reportedly underwent a major overhaul: “In the TV show, she was the woman who stood firmly behind her man,” he reportedly says, “but that’s a little dated for today. 99 is a little more kick-(butt) and tougher, more emancipated. She’s more the female James Bond, teaching [Steve Carell’s ‘Maxwell Smart’] the ropes.”

FROM MAGNUM TO MONTECITO : Tom Selleck is about to learn the ropes when it comes to running a Vegas casino, as THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER announces that he is in discussions to join NBC’s “Las Vegas” as the show’s new leading man. His role is described as “the smart, powerful, fun-loving new owner of Montecito Resort & Casino,” designed to fill the void left by the show’s departing star James Caan. Despite being picked up for a fifth season, Caan reportedly decided to jump ship to re-focus on his feature film career.

‘HIPPY’ LOHAN : Lindsay Lohan is eyeing a new role herself, says ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. Lohan reportedly tells EW she is ready to delve into the world director Chris Siverston is creating for his next movie, which is currently titled “Hippy.” She allegedly enjoyed working with Siverston so much on the recently-completed “I Know Who Killed Me,” she told him she was ready to do it again: '‘I love him [so much] as a person, that while we were on set, I was like, ‘Let’s make a deal right now,’’’ she reportedly says. Lohan describes the film as being about a group of kids taking a cross-country trip when one of them drops acid, goes crazy, '‘and starts, like, killing people.’’

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