ROLL CALL: ‘Jersey Shore’ Stars Return In Season 4 Trailer

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How Do You Say ‘Smoosh’ In Italian?: They’re back! The “Jersey Shore” gang is returning for Season 4 in Italy and MTV debuted the trailer for new season last night. It’s all here — clubbing, fighting, smooshing, fighting, defiling the locals, fighting and even more fighting. Does Ronnie knock out the Situation? Why are Deena and Pauly D swapping spit? Do Snooki and JWOWW have a falling out? And will Snooki ever learn how to use the house’s bidet? Most importantly, will Italy ever forgive America for this? See all the tanned, toned and terrible drama, HERE!

Rebecca Black’s Second 15 Minutes?: Speaking of terrible – we were mildly amused with “Friday,” happy to see her dancing with Katy Perry in the “Last Friday Night” video – but we’re not so sure about Rebecca Black’s latest, “My Moment,” which dropped this week. We’re starting to think that the whole auto-tuned sound is actually her real voice… we’re gonna need our own moment to process all this engineered bubble gum noise. Check out her video, HERE!

Nikki’s Stinky Feet Caper Continues!: Will the great mystery of whether Nikki Blonsky worked in shoe store ever be solved!? After news broke that the “Hairspray” actress and known airport brawler was slinging sling backs in a shoe boutique in Great Neck, N.Y., Nikki took to her Twitter denying the reports and said she only worked in the store for one day. Now, storeowner and friend of the actress Steven Dann told E! Online, “She was scheduled to work two to three times a week, until this media frenzy took over. I wish Nikki a ton of luck for whatever comes next for her.” Looks like someone won’t be getting an employee (or friend) discount!

Palin’s “The Undefeated” Is Sorely Defeated: Speaking of someone who might want to consider a different career, did you hear that Sarah Palin’s documentary, “The Undefeated,” is being destroyed like a caribou from a helicopter with a semi-automatic? The politician-turned-reality star’s first foray into Hollywood is earning her an astounding 0 percent rating (in both critics and audience reviews) on Rotten Tomatoes, a dishonor only shared by one other movie, 2002’s “Ballistic - Ecks vs. Sever,” starring Antonio Banderas and Lucy Liu. The Huffington Post points out that even “Alone In The Dark” with Tara Reid (1 percent approval rating) and John Travolta’s cinematic debacle, “Battlefield Earth,” (2 percent approval rating) scored higher than Palin’s movie. So we can’t but wonder, what’s the opposite of “You betchya!”?

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