ROLL CALL: Jessica Simpson Football Curse Lifted; Poehler To ‘Office’ Spin-Off

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Jessica Simpson’s Football Curse Lifted: After Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens said Jessica Simpson was not a “fan favorite” in the Texas football world, Terrell is now saying that he was just joking. “She doesn’t really know my personality. I think Tony [Romo] knew I was kidding,” Terrell told Us Weekly Tuesday at the ESPY Style Studio in LA. “I don’t regret it because I was just having fun. I was just teasing her.” No word if Jessica got the joke yet.

Amy Poehler To Post “Office” Series: “Saturday Night Live” cast member and “Baby Mama” star Amy Poehler has a new television project on the horizon. The actress is reportedly in final negations to star in new comedy from “Office” creators Greg Daniels and Mike Schur (which may be an “Office” spin off, or else, will be inspired by the hit comedy), Variety reports. We can only hope that one day Amy’s character will meet the “Office’s” Michael Scott, in what is sure to be pure television magic.

Sienna Miller Defended: After Sienna Miller was photographed kissing married “Brothers & Sisters” star Balthazar Getty in Italy last Friday, a source is coming to her defense. “Sienna is not a homewrecker,” the source tells Us Weekly. “It’s been over with him and his wife for some time. I believe he’ll be making an announcement shortly.” As opposed to making an announcement before you get caught kissing a topless celeb on a boat in Italy.

Seth Rogen Nixes “Transformer” Sequel For Jonah Hill: It appears Seth Rogen is dishing out career advice to pal Jonah Hill. “I can see if Steven Spielberg’s calling you, asking you to do something, how that’s hard to turn down,” Seth told GQ’s Alex Pappademas for their August issue. “But what I said to Jonah was, ‘You want to make a movie about fightin’ robots? Make your own movie about fightin’ robots. You can do that. That’s on the table now.’” No word on what Jonah might have the potential to transform into during his “own” robot movie, but hopefully it’s something more powerful than Seth’s mouth full of bad advice.

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