Roll Call: Jim Carrey & Jeff Daniels’ ‘Dumb And Dumber To’ Trailer Debuts

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And 20 Years Later…: It’s been two decades since “Dumb and Dumber” lowered the collective IQs of audiences everywhere and Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are back for more. The actors debuted the trailer for “Dumb And Dumber To” last night on “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.” Do 1994 style jokes still play like they did this many years later? Check out the trailer and decide! “Dumb And Dumber To” debuts in November.

WATCH: Jeff Daniels Switches Intellectual Gears From The Newsroom To Dumb & Dumber To

Don’t Touch Jon Snow’s Hair!: “Game of Thrones” star Kit Harington’s hair might be as big of a star as the actor is! During a stop by “Live with Kelly and Michael,” the actor revealed his coif is contractually bound! “It has its own contract definitely,” he said explained of his locks. “I never thought I’d say that about my own hair.” Adding, “I’m just not allowed to cut it, and I didn’t realize this until recently. I wanted to cut it. I’ve had long hair for ages and they were like, ‘No, no, no, that won’t be happening.’”

Mila’s Message To Soon-To-Be Dads: Mila Kunis has a few things to say to guys who are about to become dads. The pregnant actress, who is expecting her first child with Ashton Kutcher, delivered a message to guys jumping in on the “we’re expecting” bandwagon. “Hi, I’m Mila Kunis, with a very special message for all you soon-to-be fathers,” she said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” “Stop saying ‘we’re pregnant,’” she joked. “You’re not pregnant! Do you have to squeeze a watermelon-sized person out of your lady-hole? No…You’re not pregnant!” See more of her rant!

ICYMI!: A man trapped in the Las Vegas airport, all alone, expect for his iPhone and a Celine Dion song – see the magic he made that is going viral!

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