ROLL CALL: JoBros Trapped In An Elevator!

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JoBros Trapped!: The Jonas Brothers rocked LA’s The Grove shopping center last weekend and planned on leaving right after their performance – but the musical siblings ended up getting trapped. “We were stuck in an elevator with eight people and Big Rob,” Joe Jonas told People, with older bro Kevin noting, “It was a 21-person elevator.” The ordeal lasted for 45 minutes, which gave youngest bro Nick – a diabetic – some concern. “I didn’t panic. I just didn’t have my [blood-sugar] checker with me. No one had it on them, and I was afraid that if [my blood-sugar level] went low in an elevator we wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.” Luckily, everyone made it out OK. “It ended with the fire department coming through with axes,” Joe explained. Let’s hope those other eight people stuck in the elevator weren’t on Team Taylor!

Miley & A Rapper She’s Actually Heard Of: Miley Cyrus sings about Jay-Z, but admitted to not knowing any of his music – let’s hope she’s heard of Lil Jon, because the duo recorded a remix of her single, “Can’t Be Tamed” on Wednesday in Santa Monica, Calif. “It’s crazy, it’s crazy… I think everybody’s gonna really enjoy the song,” the rap star told E! Online after dropping his part on the track. Miley sounded happy with the unlikely collaboration too. “He just came in and let it out,” the teen queen added “It’s pretty rockin’.” We can’t help but wonder if she asked Lil Jon to rock a bird costume for the remix’s video. See Miley’s original video – in her full bird getup – HERE!

Janet’s Big Chop!: Janet – is that you under that new slick short ‘do? Miss Jackson “If You’re Nasty” showed off a super short hairstyle on Wednesday in London. Tell us what you think…Fab or Flub? Sound off below!

Snooki Finally Lands A Gorilla On Her Arm…Well, Kind Of More Of A Lemur: “Jersey Shore’s” Snooki continued to make even the most mundane activity interesting. On Wednesday she was spotted in Miami checking out a lemur’s butt. No word on what an abundance of bronzer will do to a zoo animal, but we’re guessing it can’t be too good. See Snooki and her new little friend, HERE!

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