ROLL CALL: Jon Gosselin To Reportedly Write Book

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Octo-Dad To Write Book: Anything Kate Gosselin can do – Jon Gosselin will also try and do! According to Radar Online, Jon is writing a book – with a little help from his life-coach Sylvia Lafair. The book will reportedly chronicle his rise to fame as a reality dad – and also, we would assume, his fall into the land of dating 23-year-olds and getting massive dragon tattoos on his back. No word if it will be a pop-up or coloring book – or a book with sentences and paragraphs.

Hey George, What’s Cracking?: Only months after a bomb scare and a dead body was found near George Clooney’s Lake Como villa, the actor had another run in with danger this weekend when a firecracker exploded right next to his boat, TMZ reported. George, Roll Call thinks Lake Cuomo is trying to tell you something… it wants the 10 Euros backs for that ticket for “The Men Who Stare At Goats.”

Does Rihanna Not Know How To Swim?: Rihanna is from Barbados – but judging from one of her over-the-top getups from her “Last Girl On Earth Tour,” which kicked off on Sunday in Vancouver, Canada, the pop princess is ready to float – or fly or maybe both! Check out RiRi’s inflated look, HERE!

Gwen Has Been Raiding MC Hammer’s Closet: Gwen Stefani – usually one of our favorite a fashion forward ladies – showed off a new look that we’re not exactly feeling – but MC Hammer was feeling it in 1990. See Gwen’s fashion FLUB, HERE!

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