ROLL CALL: Jon Hamm’s Junk Saga Continues — Jockey Offers Actor Lifetime Supply Of Underwear

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We’ll Keep This Brief: We promise this will be the last time Roll Call covers Jon Hamm’s junk (well, maybe). After the actor spoke out about his crotch making headlines, underwear company Jockey is seizing the opportunity and hoping to clad his goods in their goods. “Jockey would like to offer our support for Jon Hamm in the form of a lifetime supply of Jockey underwear,” a rep for the company told E! News. As previously reported on, the actor is taking the junk jabs in stride. “I guess it’s better than being called out for the opposite,” he told Rolling Stone, referring his… blessed nether region.

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What’s It Like To Kiss Brad Pitt?: Who wouldn’t want to kiss Brad Pitt? Well, Kirsten Dunst when she was 11! The actress opened up to Bullet magazine about locking lips with Brad in 1994’s “Interview with the Vampire” when she was just a tween. “It was just a peck,” she told the mag of their onscreen kiss. “Everyone at the time was like, ‘You’re so lucky you kissed Brad Pitt,’ but I thought it was disgusting. I didn’t kiss anyone else until I was 16, I think. I was a late bloomer.”

What’s It Like To Be Ke$ha?: Ke$ha’s new MTV documentary series, “Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life,” has debuted a trailer and it includes many things we’ve come to associate with the pop star. Blood, glitter, crying, phallic costumes, drinking, self-important proclamations, bottles of Jack Daniels, simulated sexual acts with food – and burps. Enjoy a glimpse into the singer’s life – if you dare!

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Tara Reid’s “Hunger” Moment: Tara Reid might look like Effie from “The Hungers Games,” in a new photo posted on Twitter, but she’s actually shooting a new movie with Jamie Kennedy. Phew, let’s keep the cast of “The Hunger Games” Tara-free!

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