ROLL CALL: Julia Stiles Puts Eco-Obsessed Hollywood On Notice

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Julia Stiles Gets Green & Cheeky!: Natalie Portman, Gwyneth Paltrow and Alicia Silverstone – Julia Stiles is watching you – and having a little fun with your eco-causes. The actress appears in a new video with the comedy group The Vacationeers that skewers Hollywood’s obsession with going green. To find out what the heck “shants” are and why Julia was inspired to create them, CLICK HERE!

A John Mayer & Taylor Swift Duet?: In more magical pairing news, are John Mayer and Taylor Swift about to record a duet together? “Soon the world shall know of our musical intertwining,” John Tweeted to Taylor On Monday. This just might be the one pop duo to rule them all!

Paris To Doug – Don’t You Forget About Me!: Paris Hilton is in Vancouver filming her spot on The CW’s “Supernatural,” and she’s making sure that boyfriend Doug Reinhardt doesn’t forget about her. According to E! Online’s Ted Casablanca, Paris scattered life-sized photos of herself throughout Doug’s house before she left. No word how long it took before Doug and his friends used one of them as a dartboard – or if he realized she had even left for Canada.

Ed Westwick Readies For His ‘Gossip Girl’ Guy Kiss: Hey Ed – the chemistry with your future lip lock pal Neal Bledsoe is looking less than stellar. We’re pretty sure we’ve seen Dorota have more game than this! Wishing you luck with your pucker up – XOXO, Roll Call!

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